I think we can easily throw around the word trust without ever really thinking about what it means or how important it is to our everyday relationships. 

I think it was really easy for me to say that I trust my husband. I mean, I did pledge my life to him and live with him. But what that trust meant? I guess I didn't really know until recently. 

I went into my marriage knowing that there would be bumps. John and I's relationship has successfully sustained many a bump in the road, and I feel extremely confident that with each bump we become stronger, more sure of ourselves as a couple. 

We hit a fairly big bump before Christmas. But you know what? A situation that would have most people stressed out of their minds... we rode out like it was no big deal. Yeah, it was a big deal - but my complete confidence in my husband and trust that we would be okay no matter what, only made us stronger. 

We supported one another, stood by each other's side and came out the other end of things ON TOP. Sometimes scary things lead to amazing things. So that trust? It's stronger now. And I appreciate it so much more. 

I have a hard time always trusting God's plan. For some reason I think I have the right to know the answer to it all. But I'm never going to have all of the answers. I can speculate and analyze and make guesses, but at the end of the day I need to put trust in my faith and let it go! 

...Easier said than done. But I'm trying.

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Meg said...

GUJ (Great Uncle Johnny) told me over E+J weekend that "you'll never believe how much control you will gain when you let all your control go."

Love you sissy and you are an amazing woman.

Andie said...

this is so true.

Do you read Jesus Calling? one of the most recent devotionals talks about leaving your trust in Him... it really is a good one! :)