Hey You Guuuuuyssss

Appreciative of the Goonies inspired post title?
I though you would be :)
+ We are nearing the end of the semester. SURVIVAL MODE friends, survival mode. Oodles of papers, projects, and neglected readings. Almost there!!! I am done on the 10th of December and to say that I am counting down would be the understatement of the century.

+ Thanksgiving next week. Cannot wait. Cannot wait to see my sister's most of all. 

+ Jack brought home a little treat from daycare last week Tuesday. A little treat called the STOMACH FLU. We survived, but barely. I was up all night with my poor baby munchkin puker. Then he shared and I had the joy of sleeping hanging out in the bathroom all of Thursday night. One word: HELL. If I had any feelings of baby fever the large hand of reality slapped me in the face with a bit of the pukes. I can't do morning sickness right now. I just can't. 
+ We had Jack's 15 month well checkup this week. He's huge. Still 99th percentile for height. 
+ I feel like I have not had time to fully comprehend that next Friday is full on Christmas time!!! Although... my "Christmas List" board on Pinterest is quickly filling up with pretty things... :)

+ On Monday I will have been a married lady for a whole YEAR! Crazy how time flies... we have wedding cake thawing in the fridge.

+ I just purchased a years subscription to Photoshop. I've been playing around with my sister's blog design like a mad lady... but I feel like I design better with my free Paintbrush program.. SHHHH don't tell John. I am hoping to master Photoshop over Christmas break - anyone have pointers/tutorials that are musts for newbies?!


Neely said...

As soon as I read this post title I started mentally quoting goonies ...I heart you

Andie said...

Coffeeshop blog has lots of great photoshop actions, tutorials, etc.

Ashley said...

oh man I dread the stomach flu. My time will come and I don't want to deal with it!!

Glad you guys are feeling better!

John said...

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Mis En Place said...

I can't believe it's already been a year--happy early anniversary!

Also, that means I haven't seen you in a year. Unacceptable.

If you guys are in town over the Holidays lets try to get together for dinner one night--maybe get Matt and Kacie to make the trip?