Two. More. Weeks.

We are home from our WONDERFUL trip to Indy and it went by way. too. fast.

Family. Red wine. Food. 
Nothing gets better than that. 

I feel like I didn't get even close to enough sister time! 
Thank God CHRISTMAS is just around the corner...

Jack was thoroughly snuggled, kissed, chased, tickled, and loved. 
He's a wild one, that little boy of mine. 

I am officially the worst blogger ever. 
I did not touch a camera the entire time we were away. 
Not even Instagram. 

In fact, my phone was either dead, or in my suitcase the majority of the trip. 
It felt nice to unplug. 
I had everyone I needed within shouting distance. 
To me, that is heaven!

I will officially be bothering every member of my family
until I have enough pictures for a proper recap post. 
I even stalked everyone else's IG feeds for some sneak peak footage.
In other news, it's the home stretch of the semester. 
I am a quiz, a paper, & a 20 page policy analysis away from a 4 week break!
"Two more weeks" will be on repeat in my head until it's over!

I also have this waiting for me at home. 


Erin said...

Nothing wrong with unplugging :) It's nice every once in awhile! I took SOME pictures over the weekend, but it was also nice to let my camera stay in my purse and just enjoy some time with family too!

Good luck in these last two weeks. I know those are always the toughest to get through!

Helene said...

you sound so super busy!!!