Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

Can we discuss that I haven't blogged since LAST week's WBW?! Blogger fail.. 
Life will be kinda cray cray until the end of my semester.. 
but I couldn't skip out on my fav blogging day of the week :)

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1. What is your husband's best trait as a father?
His playfulness. John is (and will probably always be) Jack's favorite. I know it's because John gets down to the ground and rough houses with Jack. He reads stories, sings songs, the works! Jack loves to be around his daddy and play. 
2. What is your husband's favorite thing to do with the kids?
John loves Bubba snuggles. Lets get real, we all do. That child went a solid 8 months without snuggling unless sleeping, so John LOVES when Jack chills with him on the couch and they watch sports. You know, man stuff. 
3. How does your husband help out with the kids?
How DOESN'T John help with Jack? From day one John has changed diapers, given baths, done middle-of-the-night feedings, etc. Parenting in our house is TRULY a team effort and always has been. I am constantly being told how lucky I am.. in my opinion, things are as they should be! But I am lucky that John agrees parenting is a 50/50 deal! 
4. What do you hope your children learn from their dad?
His kindness. I hope Jack loves people and sees the good in things the way his dad does. 

Next week! 
ONE question:
What are you most thankful for in your marriage?



Tara said...

hahaha the picture of John with Jack puke on his back! Yes, you are very lucky! Definitely a couple to look to for advice in parenting :)

Kelly Lamborn said...

Love the pic with the puke! I think every parent needs at least one of those lol I'm not sure where to linkup at but here is the link to my post..

Ashley said...

hahahahahaha the spit up!