Friday's Letters

Dear Readers, thanks for being patient with my sporadic blogging as of late. I am going to try and be more organized next week!

Dear Photoshop, we had a break through last night. I heart you. Check out my new design page & a couple of new blog designs I have made with you! 

Dear Blog Design, I could waste 1 million hours on you. But I think my husband would leave me. 

Dear Spartans, can we please finish our tailgating season with a win? I won't get my hopes up, but it would be really awesome if you would comply! 

Dear Tailgate, I cannot believe tomorrow is the grand finale of the year! Where did fall go?!

Dear Thanksgiving Break, HURRY UP! 


Erin said...

LOVING the new layout/colors/design girl! So bright and fun! I just finished sprucing mine up, but now I want to mess with it some more hahah! It really is fun, but definitely time consuming!

Enjoy your tailgating tomorrow!!

Ashley said...

love the colors of the designs!

Helene said...

your designs look fantastic!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Would you mind speaking to Photoshop on my behalf? We do NOT get along no matter how hard I try. Awesome designs!