I think I'm still thawing out from Saturday.
But I'm getting ahead of myself...

My weekend started on Friday, as it does every week (yay for days off!)
It was a gloomy day of sweatpants, laundry, and play time.

Jack must have been bored of me by the end of it
because he insisted on waiting at the front door for his dad.
On Saturday we did the whole fire drill game of trying to get out of the door by 9:30.
Lets just say we didn't make it to tailgate until 11...

We came loaded with chili, cookies, 800 layers of coats, vests, hats, gloves, a pack'n'play, and toys!
We were ready to party!

Jack loved every minute of it.
Nevermind that it was 38 degrees.
He ran around, tossed the football, ate every bit of food he could get his hands on,
and refused to sit still for one second.

By 3:30 it was game time!
We made it through the first half before Jack was too tired from no nap.
We were frozen solid & decided to head home
We didn't even make it to the highway before Jack passed out.
We were home in time to watch the fourth quarter.
Unfortunately it was another heartbreaking loss.. sighhhh... story of our season!
But we still had a great day :)

Sunday was spent cleaning, writing papers, and stalking houses on Zillow.
John and I got completely caught up on Revenge and enjoyed watching it in "real time".
I cannot believe it is Monday again...


Ashley said...

Jack is so cute!!!

Charlie went to a football game this weekend also and was passed out by the time they pulled out of the parking lot!!

Alisa Marie said...

OMG - so jealous for cold weather! It's still like 80 degrees here in TX and I'm ready to bust out the winter clothes!

Mis En Place said...

Shopping online for houses has quickly become one of my favorite/most addicting/borderline depressing activities!

Victoria said...

college football,nothing better! all though im an ILLINI so boo to the spartans lol (and my uncle is a professor at msu so we would always get spartan stuff as presents lol)

what a fun time!!

cute blog :)

Megan said...

I'm just going to say it - your weekend sounded awesome! Precious face flushed from the cool weather. Love it! I've never been tailgating, I hope to take my future children so they can have this experience.
Have a great week!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great weekend!!! :)

Helene said...

such a lil cutie! fun weekend!!