Back to School!

Contrary to popular belief (or all of my tagged Facebook pictures from 2008-2010) I actually did quite a bit of studying in my undergrad days. 
When I wasn't tailgating, attending some sort of greek function, or bar hopping I managed to find the time to crack open a text book or two...

I was one of the few and EXTREMELY lucky students that had parents funding my studies! But I wasn't COMPLETELY spoiled (just mostly, and I am SO grateful). I was still responsible for my living expenses, and those included... books. WOOF!

This time around?! Things are a bit different. Other than the obvious (no more bar hopping for me!) John and I are taking on full financial responsibility for the cost of my master's degree. It's all on me. Books included.

One of the most frustrating parts of purchasing text books is the ENORMOUS price tag and the slim to none chance that you will get ANY of the money when you sell them back at the end of the semester.

That's when this awesome company, Campus Book Rentals, comes into play! I am so excited to know about this company and the awesome option of RENTING my books. They make everything in the process extremely simple and easy! There's even FREE shipping both ways! An added perk?? With each book rental, their company donates to Operation Smile - an amazing organization that donates surgeries to needy children with cleft lips!

Campus Book Rentals is a great solution to my book buying woes and a much needed resource when John and I painfully restructure our budget to get ready for the next two years!

As I sit here and register for classes, it's really starting to sink in that I am going back. I am so excited! I am so blessed! 

P.S. Do you read Erin's blog? Probably, because it's awesome! But she has a friend currently undergoing an extremely risky brain surgery as we speak. I cannot stop thinking about her and her friends! Extra prayers for them today please!!


Sami said...

You look SO pretty in that last picture :) Good lord though don't even get started on Textbooks. That is seriously the biggest scam in the world! $1000's of dollars down the drain every semester when I was in college

elise said...

new follower and so glad I am! :)