The Girl Behind the Blog VLOG!

The Life of the Wife

As promised, I am here linking up with Jenna & Ashley for my very first vlog!
The deal was that I had to share my two most favorite beauty products. AH!

A few sidenotes:
-I only did two takes (this being the second) because I really wanted to sound like ME and not scripted

-I realized that when I say "for" it sounds like "fur" and this deeply saddens me... I honestly thought my MI accent wasn't that bad... it is.

So... without further delay... my vlog

I hope you enjoyed it... .

If this gets positive feedback it might become a regular occurrence (oh dear...)!

I am also participating in Hollie's Follow Friday linkup, so if you are visiting from there, hello! welcome!
Oh yes, quite the eventful Friday here on "Life After..." Never a dull moment folks!

Happy Weekend!!!
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Colleen said...

Haha, so funny that you said to keep from looking like a hobo! I always say hobo. Nice to meet you via your vlog! :)

Julie Marie said...

hi kay! coming at ya from the vlog link up =) this was such a random topic for me too, so dont feel bad... and you did great. i am sooo not the go to beauty person, but i ended up thinking of a few must haves.. =)
so nice to meet you

Emily said...

Hi Kay,
I'm here from the link-up.
Werd up for the MI accents. I still have one and I moved away 7 years ago. So I think they are with us forever :)

You're the second person to recommend that chapstick. I'll have to check it out!


Chelsea said...

I've heard about the chapstick! Definitely going to have to try it out now :)

Megan B.B. said...

Oooooh man you totally sound Michigan! I love it!
I also love how I can walk into a room full of people and pick out the ONE person from Mi.
I'm going to hijack your idea and link up for the vlog too later because...well..I'm at home all day now and why unpack when I can make a vlog?! :)

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

I love your accent! So cute! And I am OBSESSED with the EOS lipbalm..I have every flavor I think. The lotion is great too!

Thanks for linking up!! :)

Allie said...

MORE VLOGS!!! MORE VLOGS! LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait for our amazing vlog link up idea!:)

Dana @five30three said...

You are so brave. I hate being on camera! I'm much better at communicating when I'm hiding behind my keyboard.

PS- I am kinda freaking out about going on vacation with the little one. Please tell me it'll be ok! Making my mile-long checklist of stuff to bring now!

5ohWifey said...

I've never heard of that chapstick! And yes I totally have my comfort make-up: EYELINER! haha so glad you linked up gorgeous!

Princess Stephy said...

I loved it and you should totally do it more! It shows off your personality =] I have "crusty lips" too so i may try those EOS things. I always see them, never buy em.

Shannon said...

came over from the link up today - i started watching your video, thinking, "she's fun..nice hair.." (you know, the typical)...then when you dropped "BOUGIE" - i about died.

you are a trip! that's my favvvv word! bahahah :)

happy to meet you, girl! :)

Antonella C'est moi said...

Love it <3!!! Great blog, very cute!! Visit my blog and if you like it to follow me on google friends & bloglovin and I will be happy to follow you back <3

Emily Hope said...

I can't live without mascara - and the cheaper the better. I use cover girl - for $7 you can't go wrong.

And isn't that why mom's buy bougie make-up? So their daughters can steal it?

Lauren McKenna said...

Hello! Stopping by from Follow Friday. Your blog is so cute and I love how down-to-earth you are. I'm looking forward to following and getting to know you a little better. Happy Monday! :)

Morgan Williams said...

Love love loveeee EOS!!! & your use of Hobo because I say the same thing lol you're adorable so glad we 'met' :)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Love the vlog! Def should be a regular occurance!

I've been eyeing those EOS lip balms for like, ever - they have them at every register at our local Wal Mart (where I spend far too much time and money, especially now that I'm home with Benjamin). After watching your vlog, I finally bought one and, oh, it's love!

And now that I've seen your vlog, then Megan's, I'm going to have to jump on it and film my own hopefully later today. Thanks for the idea! :)

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

EOS lip balms are SO addicting. like always in my purse addicting and they make me lick my lips yet my lips don't chap?! that's a miracle!!

found you through the link up!