The Pepper to My Salt!

This weekend was WONDERFUL. My sister came to hang out (as usual). Saturday was lazy, spent trying on bridesmaids dresses for our oldest sisters' September wedding, sandwiches from the local deli, & a Lord of the Rings Marathon (don't judge, it was awesome!)
how sweet is he? He tolerated about .23234 seconds of cuddle/move time.. he cut ANOTHER tooth (That makes 2 bottom ones!)

I also ::TRIED:: out the Skinny Salisbury Steak recipe that I said I was going to try. With lots of help from John and Megan.. Lets just say MAKE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS BEFOREHAND. I ended up putting TWO CUPS of beef broth in the patty mixture when you were only supposed to put in 1/4 cup.. whoops? It still tasted great.. but didn't look very appealing. We put it on a bed of mashed cauliflower that was DELICIOUS! I will share that recipe soon..

On Sunday we headed to East Lansing (again, surprise surprise) where John's parents babysat and we met up with my brother to go and see The Hunger Games. We made a day of it, stopping for appetizers and drinks beforehand. It was nice to spend time together and I was happy to see the movie because I LOVED the books. It was great! 
Bubba and Daddy are ready to go.. waiting on Mama, as usual!

The best part of the weekend was BY FAR Friday night :) One of my very best friends and her husband came into town from Connecticut. Sarah is one of my closest girlfriends and one of my only married friends! Our husbands are pretty much a match made in heaven and when we all get together it is A LOT of fun.. mostly because John and Andrew talk sports and Sarah and I are left to do what we please! Sarah and I met when, by chance, we were assigned to sit next to one another (in the back row) of Freshman year high school choir. We talked all through class (Despite the goody-two-shoes Sopranos that would CONSTANTLY shush us) and never sat apart in choir from that day on!

We were fondly nicknamed Salt & Pepper by our mothers..and the shenanigans never stopped!

We have travelled Europe together on a choir trip to Austria...

Survived high school together...
Senior Prom 2007

And 4 years at different colleges too!

Then she asked me to stand up for her in her wedding- and I did..

Bet you can't tell whose sober and who isn't in this picture!

I asked Sarah to stand up for me in John & I's wedding too!
I am so lucky to have her as my friend!

On Friday, Sarah and Andrew came by in the late afternoon to hang out with Jack & I! Bubba has grown A LOT since November - he was showing off with all of his sounds and tricks. 
Sarah's skills with the fancy camera far exceed my own!

I attempted to give Andrew the "baby bug" by making him hold Jack (I have given up on this working on Sarah).. I am POSITIVE that it didn't work! That's okay.. when these two procreate that child will be SPOILED with my love and affection- and Jack can babysit.. yeah.. I feel like it's THAT far away. These two are on a newlywed adventure and I think it is FANTASTIC! I can take over in the baby department.. for now ;)

John and I were able to go out to eat with these two (sans baby, thanks Aunt Megan!) and another couple friend of theirs from college - it was so nice to be out with other married people.. it makes us feel more normal! All-in-all it was a wonderful visit and I was sad to see it end! COME BACK SOON YOU TWO! 

P.S. check out their movie review blog :)


Sarah said...

My favorite part was when Andrew tried to hold Jack like a newborn! Such a neub! We miss you guys so much! Visit wasn't long enough!

trisha said...

yall are such cute friends!


Kay said...

Thanks Trisha! So glad you stopped by - your blog is one of my favs :)

Molly said...

You don't even look preg go in that first bridesmaid pic! I'm impressed! Your little man is adorable! Love his overall outfit!

Kay said...

You are too, too kind - the flowers are doing some extra camo work in that pic.. ahh.. so pregnant! Also, overalls are a staple in this home! I find nothing cuter than a little boy in overalls :) Thanks for stopping by!