It's Okay

It's been a while since I have linked up with Neely & Amber, and since this week is kind of crazy I thought I would join them for a little "It's Okay" Thursday :) 
Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay...
That I have been a total basket case this week.
That my diet has been semi abandoned so that I can eat my feelings.

It's okay...
That becoming a wife and mama means having to remember EVERYONE'S birthday/ss#.
That it gets really confusing.
That Jack's real name is John.. so to Doctor's offices he is John and that makes it REALLY confusing.

It's okay...
That for the first time ever, I'm not wearing a two piece at the lake.
That I scored the ONE PIECE I've been eyeing at Old Navy for 50% off.
That I'm actually looking forward to NOT worrying about how I look in a bikini!

It's okay...
That this summer at the lake will be WAY different from the ones in the past.
That even though I can drink this summer.. I probably won't as much as I did before.
That I will be anxious about the water, stairs, baby hazards all over the place at the lake house.

It's okay...
If you haven't entered my giveaway yet :) It doesn't end until 12am Monday! Check it out!

ALSO: Thanks to everyone for the kinds words prayers yesterday - I know I have been kind of vague about Bubba's surgery, but I just don't want a future teenage Bubba being embarrassed/angst ridden over my putting every private detail of his life on the internet! He is doing great and is back to his normal self today :) 
My blue eyed boy this morning! 

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thecoffeehouse said...

Dan said last night, "so are you bikini ready?". I said "shit" (and I don't cuss much). I kind of forgot I had to wear a bikini THIS weekend! oops.

Alyssa said...

I am so jealous that you found a one piece you love! I have been looking for weeks and can not find a thing!!! And the two pieces at Old Navy? I swear, even the XL bottoms would not even cover half of a cheek on me!!!

lori said...

i am sure you will look amazing in your one piece! nice score with the 50% off.

LaraBeTheOne said...

such a cute baby :) lovely photos

His Little Lady said...

it's okay. sometimes we do just need to eat our feelings! especially with yummy food like that!!
xo TJ