No Really, They Are Obsessed With You!

Dear Bubba, 

I want to tell you about how lucky you are. 
I mean, not only do you have your Dad and I for parents, 
but you have MY parents for a Grandma & Papa.
Seriously, kid, you are so blessed to have their unconditional love.
They spoil you rotten - and I fear it will only get worse! 
You are the apple of your grandparents eyes, and they cannot get enough of you!
Your mama feels so lucky to have all of their love and support for our little family..

They are always willing to offer a helping hand and are so hands on with you!

Your grandparents are so good at following the "what the mama says goes!" rule..
I am grateful for this! 
But you should know that I call your grandma at least once a day for suggestions/advice.

Mostly, I just want you to know how happy it makes me to see you with your grandparents. 
I cannot wait to see a relationship between all of you grow as you get bigger and bigger. 

I am so blessed to be close with my parents and have them be able to be a big part of your life!

Like I said, little man, you are one lucky boy!
Because really, your Grandma and Papa are TOTALLY obsessed with you - and so am I!
Mrs Stephanie T

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Britt said...

So sweet!

This is exactly how my parents are too! And I call my mom on advice for everything :)

We are more and more alike each day my lady!

Leah said...

Aww, what a beautiful post! you are so lucky to have such awesome parents. What a blessing! I'm over from little bits of happiness :)

Lacy said...

What awesome parents.. :)

Haley said...

New follower from LBoH! Your son is so adorable! My mom and dad are so in love with my kids! We live in a different state than them now, but when they see them they just spoil spoil spoil! Its so cute! Have a great rest of the week!

Brandy said...

It's such a beautiful thing when kids are born into families that just love and adore them! That's the way it should always be!