We're Blating

On Saturday we travelled to Ohio to visit with Allie and family!

The plans for the day included a festival at their church and grilling out. 
While I was really excited, when the morning finally arrived, I was nervous!

What if it's awkward?
What if our husbands don't get along?
What if they are total weirdos?! 

Safe to say I tried on a few different outfits. Google mapped their house. And texted my sister our whereabouts for the day... one can never be too safe right?!

When we got there, there was not even ONE awkward second. 
I felt like I already knew Allie (in real life) and we had a BLAST!

Can we just discuss how amazing it is to hang out with other YOUNG married people with kids?! 
We love our friends, but no one gets where we are at right now!
The only married people we hang out with our my parents and their friends - it's just not the same!
Allie and Jordan were so welcoming and easy to get along with, we can't wait to get together with them again!

Also, lets discuss their boys...
We all see their adorable little faces on the blog but they just don't even do them justice!
Not only are they handsome, they are SO well behaved.
They did what they were told the first time and played so nicely with one another

Jack was in heaven trying to keep up with the two "big" boys.. 
And baby Jude was such a snuggle bug I had to fight John for cuddle time with him!

I think you get the point that the day was awesome, so now I will overload this post with pictures :) 

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Britt said...

OMGOSH! SO JEALOUS! Two of my bloggy faves in one room??? So wish I was there! Where do you live? Midwest? We all need to get together for a blate! I live in Iowa!

Allie said...

OMG I look so awkward in those pics hahahaha!! I am so happy were blating! ha! We had a blast!!!

Julie said...

That's such a great idea!!!! Looks like you had lots of fun:)

Danielle-Marie said...

Hahaha..."blating" I love it! It looks like you gals (and guys) had a fantastic time!