There are two kinds of days that put your whole life into perspective:

1) Horrible days, where horrible things happen - to you, to family members, to friends - That remind you that the small things don't matter and that health and safety are all you and your family needs to be complete


2) Wonderful days. That remind you that the simple things are all you need. That a walk in the park, a clean house, a delicious dinner, & a happy baby can make you feel a happiness that any other material thing couldn't ever provide.

Option 2? That was our Sunday. 

John slept in, I enjoyed a BIG cup of coffee while Bubba squealed, and laughed, and played. 

I meal planned for the week, preparing for John and I's YEAST FREE diet that starts tomorrow. (We are following the plan that Stephanie put on her blog, it makes the most sense for our lifestyle & feel like it is SO do-able)

We went to the grocery store as a family, and because we only had to go through produce & meat, it took barely any time at all. 

We then spent our afternoon at a local park. It has a nature center, and we walked all the way around the lake! 

I, of course, forgot my camera. Thank God for Instagram!

Beautiful right?! It was the perfect weather. Not to hot, a little breeze, the sun just barely peaking through. We made a pit stop at the swings - nothing makes life feel complete like your child laughing and smiling with pure, uninhibited joy.

For dinner we had our "last hoorah meal" with breaded sauteed onions, steak, grilled asparagus, & french fries. HEAVEN.
We actually sat at the table and talked, while Bubba enjoyed blueberries in his highchair!
Can we talk about a mess?! Seriously...
We were dying of laughter! 

Now the day is coming to a close... I don't want John to go back to work in the morning. It was honestly a PERFECT day. I love our family of three and think we often take it for granted. 

My house is clean, my boys are content, our bellies our full. We smiled more than not today. And that, puts life into perspective :) 


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thecoffeehouse said...

so fun! nothing better than a messy baby. :) and asparagus+fries. i am doing this asap.

Anonymous said...

Your walk seems like so much fun :) Its always good to get out and just enjoy life. And the meal looks delicious :)

Sami said...

I can never get over what an adorable family you have! I saw the yeast free diet on Steph's blog as well but never got around to trying it. I'm excited to hear how you like it! Happy Monday girl :)

MacKensie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for #FF!! I canNOT wait to read and explore your blog more! :)



Danielle-Marie said...

Great pictures. Adorable how messy they get eating blueberries!

Princess Stephy said...

Awwww congrats on a wonderful day!

Mommie Couture said...

I just found your blog through I Love You More Than Carrots and I'm so glad I did! You and your little fam are too cute and your little squishy man reminds me of my little guy. Can't wait to read more posts! xo Jenn mommiecouture.com