Extended Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Fabulous doesn't even begin to touch mine...
Birthday followed by Mother's Day?! Hello spoiled Mama!
Add in every single one of my siblings and I home and under one roof- perfection! 

Silly me forgot the camera charger at home, so while there is a ton of awesome birthday pictures for an amazing recap post... it will have to wait until Wednesday.

Jack and I will be in Grand Rapids for a few more days doing fun things like first haircuts and doctor's appointments... maybe a little shopping too :) 

I was pretty ignorant of my phone all weekend, but here a few IG pictures from yesterday :) 
Morning snuggles with the Bubba that made me Mama
Bubba had his first bath in the sink
We even went for a walk in the GORGEOUS weather!

For now Bubba is just basking in the extended love and affection that only grandparents can provide, sitting in  the middle of a pile of toys. Life is rough! 

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thecoffeehouse said...

we had gorgeous weather as well. all that was missing was a baby in a stroller! seriously.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

First haircut?! Oh my! Hope he does well, but more importantly, hope you do! I get sad just thinking about a first haircut! (Well, besides the one that I gave Benjamin a few weeks ago... trying to save the last remnants of his newborn hair for his baby book.. and did a horrible, horrible job. Hello, bald patches!)

Anya said...

Bubba, you are my hero! Baby AJ gets a bath in the sink all the time. Only in the laundry room. That sink is easily the one thing that's going to save my back (vs. bending over a bath tub)...and since baby AJ is 4 months and already weighs 17 lbs, you can imagine how carrying him around all day doesn't help my back either.