Moments Turned To Memories

I have this little book in Jack's nursery.

I am supposed to document his major milestones with a quick sentence or two on the date in which they occurred.

I am terrible at doing this.

I am just not the kind of person that is going to stop and remember to do it.

When I try to go back and fill in the gaps from the last few months I find myself referencing THIS BLOG to get the exact dates. 

This blog is an outlet. It is a purpose. It is a hobby. It is my new favorite social network. It is FUN!
But mostly... it's one heck of a baby book!

So one day when my Bubba is grown I can look back on this time and know exactly what I was feeling on the day after he slept through the night for the first time! Or what it was like when his first tooth finally popped through!

At the end of the day I know it's not about how many followers I have, whether my layout looks right, or if my design looks professional - it's about the moments that are turning into memories every time I post! 

*Lately Bubba has figured out how to pull himself up in his crib.. I can't help but snap some pictures each time I catch him in the act!


UPDATE: I've deemed this my favorite post of the week, and I am linking up with Aunie for Just Because Friday! 
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Neely said...

So sweet!!

Jes said...

such an adorable bubba in his monkey fit!

Princess Stephy said...

I did realize his eyes were so green - you have quite a handsome little boy!

Dana said...

Love this post. And...wouldn't ya know? I have the "One Line a Day" book with the blue cover
that I wrote about a few months ago. I do the same thing and use my blog to help me go back and fill in the holes!

Mallory said...

Stopping by from the hop! I love blogging for the same reasons. I only wish I had started sooner so I would have had better documentation of my daughter's first year.

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness.... he is SO PRECIOUS! Lucky mama :)
And blogging really is the BEST! I am so grateful that I am able to journal the life of me and the hubs, and have pictures to go along with the stories! Blogging is the FUNNEST way to journal :)

KikiSay said...

I die for all these pics.

Mama said...

He is so handsome!! My husband had my blog made into a coffee table book for me for Christmas... best gift ever!

John said...

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Devon Riesenberg said...

Following you from the May Day Blog Hop!

I have a little guy named Jack too :) So lovely that you track all his milestones, I am obsessed with doing to same!

Happy to have connected :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Found you through the May blog link up. Super cute lil guy. I'm happy to be your newest member. Look forward to future reads.

Andie said...

I found you from your comment at I Love you More than Carrots and I saw that you mentioned you had an 8 month old who is toddler sized (like me!) and I had to come stop by! Your little guy is SO CUTE! Love reading your blog so far.

HOpe you don't mind me stopping by!

Evelyn said...

Yes, I love my blog for many different reasons, I so wish i had it when my kiddos were small to document everything. Just hopping over from the May Day Blog Hop and am now following you. I would love to invite you to link up any of your posts to my first time ever blog hop:) Hope to see you there.