Birthday/Mother's Day Recap

This is really just one giant post of pictures. I had the best weekend. 

My Birthday was so special this year because my whole family was in town (This usually only ever happens on Christmas!) On my day we had a big dinner with a delicious flourless chocolate torte for dessert!

A birthday tradition my family has is going around the table and saying a word that describes the person whose birthday we are celebrating. Each year we tease about everyone using LOTS of words to describe their ONE word. I felt so lucky to be the birthday girl this year - everyone's words were so kind and brought me to tears (I wasn't the only one!) I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by family to share in my triumphs with! I wouldn't be half the 23 year old lady I am without them! 

Close family friends joined us after dinner with two little ones, so Jack enjoyed his first play date! Chloe, their youngest, is 14 months old and walking everywhere! Bubba loved trying to keep up :) 

Mother's day was a lazy day filled with homemade breakfasts in honor of my mama, construction paper crowns, and gifts-jammies, naps, and see ya laters to our D.C. jetsetters.

I warned you it was picture overload...

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Britt said...

Glad you had an amazing weekend!

thecoffeehouse said...

too cute, Jack! and a very {late} happy mother's day to you! oh and never too many pictures ... never.

Kendra said...

Such great photos! Looks like Mothers Day was a success!

Allie said...

Love all the pics, especially the cake one haha yummmmm! I cannot wait to see Jacks pucker lips face, he is so sweet!

elise said...

it was such a good picture overload though! :) thanks for sharing.