Friday's Letters

Today will be my first time linking up with Ashley - I love this link up and I'm excited to join in on the fun :)


Dear Friday, Thank you for showing up! I am so excited for this weekend and it felt like it took FOREVER for you to get here!

Dear Weekend, Thanks for having so many awesome things on the agenda! I don't know what can get much better than a visit with some family, Spartan football, & a Sunday date with my husband
speaking of the husby...

Dear John, Thanks for being such a good sport about me putting pictures of you acting like a ninja in footie pajamas on the internet. I know this was hard for you... you have never even had a Facebook and think of yourself as a private person. I am wrecking your private/noninternet public world with all this blogging business but I really do love you the most :) 

Dear Bubba, Stop growing up so fast! I just uploaded all of the pictures off of my old blackberry and I can't get over how much you have changed!  

Stop pulling yourself up on everything you cray cray child. You fell over yesterday morning and gave yourself quite the bump. Your scared/hurt/frustrated cry BREAKS. MY. HEART.
Dear Brownies, Why did couldn't you turn out like the ones in the picture?! I swear I followed all of the directions to the T, yet the caramel layer still decided to swallow the top layer and now you are a gooey mess... although I suspect after your night in the fridge you will serve nicely and taste DELISH. 

Dear Laundry, Go do yourself. 

Dear Blog Friends, Have a FANTASTIC weekend :) 


Ashley Slater said...

I still think your brownies look delicious and now I am craving brownies with ice cold milk! ohhhhh! yum!

your last letter is the best and I am totally with you!
loved your letters, thanks for linking up with me!


Lauren said...

I call my BF BUBBA!! He is so darling, best napping pictures!
happy friday!

Megan said...

Haha my hubby hates it when I post pics of him too, he's quite private probably like your hubby.

Blogging definitely seems to be much more of a girly thing...

I hope you have a great weekend!

Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

Frankie said...

My nickname for my four legged fur baby, is bubba :) Also, I feel the same way about my laundry right now! Why can't it just do itself?

Sonya Marie said...


Brandy said...

OK, I just started craving brownies! Gotta run to the store. :) Love your list, that baby of yours is precious!

Dana said...

Oh my word. Look at your little man on his nap nanny. Soooo soo tiny. I think my sweet tank of a son was born bigger than that.

Love your letters!

Anya said...

Hi, Bubba! You are such a cutie pie. Where are you growing? I remember when my baby's legs were curled just like that (newborn pics)during his first weeks of life... But he too is growing. It's happy and sad at the same time....

Megan said...

Those brownies look amazing! I bet they still tasted SO SO good! Cute letters.