Out of the "Office"

I am over at Megan's blog today!
I'm revealing a big secret about making Jack's baby food - Check it out!

In other news... do you watch Ellen? Is that just a SAHM thing? Well anyways... she's hilarious and I laugh out loud DAILY watching her show. Today this happened:

I will say that the second book is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the first. I find myself skimming over the sex "scenes" (what do you call them in a book?!) to get back to the love story.
I don't know.. call me prude, but it's just A LOT for me.

Anywho - Jack climbed all the way up the stairs last night (while I hovered over him the entire time) and pulled himself up on the couch this morning. He's been pulling himself up on the coffee table... basically he's going to be walking soon and I just need to get over it. AHHH!

Perhaps now we can stop dragging our feet on buying a new coffe table/ottoman instead of continuing to use the janky one John had throughout college... (God knows what has been on that thing)
All that grunting... SUCH hard work.
SIDE NOTE: Yes, that is a battery that he almost got his sticky fingers on... I took them out of the remote so he could chew on it without changing the channel... priorities people!
ALSO: Yes, those are trashball makeshift pajamas because, SHOCK, I am not done with laundry


Danielle-Marie said...

HAHAHA! Ohmigod, I almost DIED watching the Ellen video. I have no desire whatsoever to read the books. Sex in novels are one thing but BDSM? Nah...not into that.

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Hi! Visiting from Memoirs of Megan! I totally loved your guest post - so much that I had to jump off my couch and get to my laptop so I could send you a comment! So funny because Megan was one of my first blog commenters too, and I was jumping up and down just like you were!

Your son is just adorable (we actually almost named our son Jack [well, Jackson, but we would have called him Jack] but decided he looked much more like a Benjamin when he was born), and I'm now going to be a reader - adding you to my Google Reader now!

My son is aaaalmost about to start solids, so I'll be checking out your information on making food too.

Anyway, hello, and looking forward to reading more on your blog! :)

Taylor Grace said...

Haven't read Shades of Grey yet, but I agree with you, I've heard many of the sexy scenes are just a little too... sexy?! Ha, I sound like a 12 year old. Still going to find time to read it though, sounds pretty good otherwise.

I write at www.thedailytay.com and am button happy right now, let me know if you'd like to swap!


Brandy said...

Why haven't I ever thought to take the batteries out of the remote! My baby's obsessed with it and changes the channel constantly.

Erin said...

Lunk's noises are hilarious. I can't wait to see you next weekend!!!!