Quick D.C. Update!

We're home! 
We had the most amazing trip!

Bubba was absolutely fantastic in the car, both ways! He barely fussed and stayed pretty much on his normal schedule the whole trip! I ::TRIED:: to do my best at taking pictures... but at the end of the day I am just too "in the moment" to remember to take the camera out of my purse! I am in the process of uploading and editing for a full recap of the trip... it should be ready to go by tomorrow!
Until then...

My favorite parts:
Seeing my sister in her BEYOND GORGEOUS wedding dress.
Just Dance dance party with my mom and sisters.
seeing the "residential" side of Washington D.C. (as opposed to the "tourist" side).

Bubba's favorite parts:
His screamy voice echoing in the parking garage.
His screamy voice echoing in my sister's hallway.
His screamy voice echoing in the hotel hallway.
His screamy voice echoing at the Lincoln Memorial.
Early morning snuggles with AuntE & Uncle J

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In other news, I bit the bullet and made a facebook page for "Life After...", check it out! "Like" it!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday, we are still in our pajamas and ignoring all the laundry/unpacking/cleaning there is to do because I don't feel good - hurray!


Sami said...

Omgosh his little pouty face is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! Ps. Emailing you in a few to see if you want to swap buttons :)

Heather said...

Cute Cute Pics!

PS...check my blog today. Giveaway for text books. Thought you might be interested.