Adventures in Acquiring a Library Card

Who could have known it would be such a difficult thing?! It's just a library card! I am a lover of books. Back before college and marriage and babies I would read a book a week! When I was pregnant and Jack was a newborn I got into reading again and it made me so happy/relaxed. Now that Jack requires a lot more attention, reading during the day is not as easy to do - nonetheless I really wanted to get a library card so I could start reading before bed/check out new books for Jack and I to read together. I figured it would be a good idea to check out parenting books and whatnot rather than buy them and risk not liking them! 

Well, last week I went to the library on a rainy day. I took my very cranky baby out of his carseat and strapped him into his stroller. We ran inside and I was ready to spend a cozy few hours browsing books! Here's the thing, in order to get a library card you need proof that you are a resident of the town. WHAT?! I will confess, I have not yet changed my address on my drivers license. I was so frustrated. What is the big deal?? Couldn't they see I had a baby with me? This wasn't a "no big deal" easy trip out of the house! Once I calmed down I realized that this is their job and rules are rules. WHATEVER.

This meant one thing. A Friday trip to the DREADED Secretary of State. So we woke up and got dressed right away. We were looking pretty stylin' if I do say so myself :) 

When we walked through the door at SOS it was packed and an AUDIBLE GROUP SIGH resounded through the room the minute homegirl with the stroller (me) was spotted. HOW RUDE! I was so annoyed.. yes, I have a baby with me - but that doesn't mean he is going to be bad!! Babies are no more annoying than the guy playing Angry Birds on his phone at FULL volume. Or the bratty 10 year old whining to her mom about how long it's taking. I PRAYED that Da Bubba would behave and make those mean strangers eat their words! My baby was perfectly content staring at all the strangers and kicking his legs. Go Bubba!
He made friends with everyone in line (even the creepy middle aged man that wouldn't stop talking to me... he was guessing my age and saying things like, "your husband is one lucky guy".. umm, thanks?!) and even sang a little song that made everyone smile! It was a quick 45 minute trip and I felt proud to leave with a happy, non screaming baby! Besides almost being struck by lightning in the parking lot on our way out (TRUE STORY) it was my easiest trip to SOS to date!

Today we finally went to the library!
Jack wore his "sophisticated" shirt just for this special occasion. He was LOUD the entire time we were there, making grunting and giggly noises. We got LOTS of side eye from the other library goers.. whoops! Bubba - always keeping me on my toes!



Heather said...

Awwww...what a doll!!! Who could ever be annoyed by him?

Cheryl Enlow said...

That pic of the both of you is so cute! That little Jack is just so adorable!

Danielle-Marie said...

What a good boy, and making all those jerks in the SOS look silly! I think baby noises are adorable...even in libraries. As long as they aren't screaming out of anger/sadness, they can make all the noise they want as far as I'm concerned!