A Waste of A Tuesday

Okay. I shouldn't say a waste. 
I did make 4 batches of baby food.
I also did my Tracy Anderson muscular structure work (no cardio though.. whoops!) 
I made the bed.
I did ONE load of laundry (Go me! that is improvement people!) 

Okay fine. It wasn't a waste of a day. Just not as productive as yesterday.
Bubba stayed in his PJ's until 5, and that's when John got home and I FINALLY got to take a shower. 

I feel like I probably need to cherish days like today because, come next year? 
These days will never happen.
I am so grateful I got to stay at home this year.
Sometimes I was sad or bored or negative - but it has truly been a blessing.

If I wasn't at home I wouldn't get to watch Bubba do this all day:

or see this cat on KLG & Hoda... 

I want him.



sabrina @ baby loves said...

oh my gosh. love that cat! saw him yesterday! ... & i thought mine was a fatty!!!

you did better than me, i did ZERO loads of laundry. oh well, always tomorrow!

Anya said...

Ok...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You have accomplished more in one day than I can master in a week. And did I understand you correctly? You make your own baby food? You are a supermama!

Anya said...

Oh and if you want to get a picture of what its like around here, just read my post from today. Showers are a luxury.

Natalie said...

It sounds to me like you did have a productive day! What kind of baby food did you make? I need some new ideas!