Did You Know That My Husband is a Ninja?

Okay not really... but he is 25% Japanese and we like to embrace the Asian roots as often as possible. 

Lets hope I stay married after posting this...

To be fair - my mom & dad bought all of their adult children footy pj's for Christmas this year...
If you were a part of our Christmas Eve traditions you would know that about 10 bottles of red wine were consumed along with various other cocktails before these pictures were taken.

I though that I might share some stuff with you about that guy that appears in lots of my pictures (you know, the one that isn't Bubba.)
There is a lot more to my husband than the ability to be overly dramatic when I've been taking, in his opinion, too many pictures. 

So here it is, 
John 101
He is as loyal as they come. A friend of John is a lucky person. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, is slow to judge, and has your back no matter what. 
He is actually a pretty sentimental guy. He likes to make every memory special and likes things to be just perfect. If he gets it in his head that something should be a certain way- well then, that is the way it has to be! For example, the standard "jumping" picture with his groomsmen...
He has been fatherly since before Jack was around. Our nicknames with my roommates in college were "Mom & Dad". on Sunday mornings he would always make a big breakfast (And a BIG mess) for everyone while I made a fruit salad/served up the goods.
These fatherly tendencies only got worse while I was pregnant...
I'm glad he had practice with us crazy ladies because he is a FANTASTIC father.
Jack is the first baby he has ever really held... he was a natural right away!
He does thoughtful things like grow a "playoff beard" in my last month of pregnancy cause I think it looks hot... 

He also dry heaves every time he changes a poopy diaper or gets spit up on... whimp!
I find this habit hilarious and laugh every time I hear him gagging in Jack's nursery.

He is actually a REALLY good dancer. I mean, his Dougie OBVIOUSLY did it for me :)
He can mean mug like you would not believe.
He may grumble about it, but he is ALWAYS willing to to do favors for me. If it is a stop at the store on the way home from work, a Diet Coke run at 10pm, or even just holding my stuff while I take a quick picture or 10... he always likes to help a wifey out :)
He was a swimmer in high school, he still holds records at his school 10 years later... But the only time I ever see him in the water he's doing this:
He also told everyone that his Asian skin doesn't burn... he lied. 

He has lots of nicknames with my friends: Mookie, Dad, J Shigs... but probably the most famous is Justin Bieber. This is due to his famed Justin Bieber costume Halloween 2010 - you may have seen it here, but in case you haven't:
it led to our friends doing things like this...
Can't you see the resemblance?! 

He is the BIGGEST Sparty fan you will ever find. I love that tailgating/football games/Spartan pride will be a family tradition that lasts forever!
These are just a few things about my husband. Mostly, I just love him and thought he deserved a little extra attention on this blog of mine :) 

Babe - we have come a long way in this crazy relationship of ours! I love you more today than I did yesterday!
 Look how drunk young we look in our very first picture together - 
I love you John Shigeru!

UPDATE (2/27): I decided that this was my fav post of the week and linked up with Miss Aunie :)
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Britt said...

So sweet.
You two remind me of me and my hubby.

Britt said...

So sweet.
You two remind me of me and my hubby.

Princess Stephy said...

Awwwwwwww! This post is painfully sweet! I hope i meet someone as special as you did. and LOL to the dougie.

Sami said...

You guys are just so presh! I love it! Ps. I have those exact same footie pajamas. If I ever get around to posting my Junior year of college picture recap I will post a picture but I wore them to a tacky Christmas party!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

OMG I love the ninja and spit up picture!!! hahah!

thecoffeehouse said...

ok, every single picture of your husband with Jack ... HILARIOUS. i am dying laughing. how did you capture all of that goodness?! you totally won me over, newest follower. not to mention my sweet baby nephew is named Jack. :)

Amber M. said...

Aww!! This was cute! :)

Dana said...

Awww. You kids are so darn cute! Xoxo