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Right now we are probably out visiting some monument or museum (or maybe eating a delicious Georgetown cupcake!) So I have Megan from The Memoirs of Megan here to keep you all company :) She was one of my very first followers and my FIRST non-family commenter.. MAD love for Megan, her blog, and her sweet baby girl (even though she's a UofM fan.. woof). Since Megan is a past resident of the Great Lakes State I asked her to write about her favorite Michigan memories.. Enjoy!

Happy Monday!

Kay asked me to write a little about my favorite Michigan memory. A little back-story: I moved to Michigan (Thumb) when I was 10 years old from Palm Springs, CA. I went to middle school and high school in Michigan, and stuck around for a year after graduating high school until I moved back to Southern California.
I am always reminded of one thing when I think back to my childhood in Michigan: Summertime. Summertime when you are a kid has a whole different meaning. For me, it meant boating with my grandpa and cousins. It meant camping out underneath the Blue Water Bridge watching the 4th of July fireworks. {Which everyone knows is actually on July 1st because Port Huron does it in collaboration with Canada Day.}
It meant going to the beach, which ironically I would always pine for the ocean, and now that I live by the ocean, I find myself wishing for my beloved Lake Huron, again!
I find myself wishing to have the childhood excitement for summer back in my life. I think fondly of lifeguarding during Michigan summers {Selfridge Air National Guard Base! Woot woot!} and having the joy of being caught in a downpour of a rainstorm, to be followed with sunshine two hours later. Uncertainty of weather; what a notion, as I am now spoiled by the predictability of California weather {ie: hot, and hotter.}
I cannot wait until I visit Michigan this summer with my daughter, Vivien, who will be 8 months old when we are scheduled to be there. I want her to experience fun Michigan summers, including beach days and walks down by the water. We will even be there for the “July 4th” fireworks! Even though she is too young to legitimately enjoy her surroundings, I can’t wait to show her a part of my life that I hold so close to my heart. I am excited to introduce her to 15 cousins, her Great Grandma, and Aunts and Uncles! And it helps that I get to dress her in this insanely cute bathing suit:
What are your fond summer memories? Do you have any experiences that you are excited to share with your children for the first time?
Megan writes a Mommy Blog over at The Memoirs of Megan. She is a first time mother to her 6 month old daughter, Vivien, and blogs about her daily parenting experiences, and attempting to find the humor in parenting. (Along with tons of adorable photos of her kiddo.)

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