The Glory Days With a Twist

While this weekend may not have gone as originally planned - it was so full of fun, friends, and laughter!

Friday evening we packed up the car and headed to my sister's in East Lansing. We had planned a "quick" trip in order to attend the MSU spring football game Saturday afternoon.
My brother hadn't seen Jack since this post, and was dying to get his hands on his nephew!
We planned to go to the game with him, make some dinner afterwards, then head home.


A few friends ended up being in town and our weekend quickly filled up with unexpected fun and trips down memory lane. 
Jack is so lucky to have Aunts and Uncles so anxious to snuggle with him 
and his parents are lucky for free babysitters :)
Friday night John and I went to a bar that we used to LOVE, waited in line without a "pregame buzz", met up with friends that make me laugh so much, and  wracked up a bar tab that made both of us cringe!
We even shared a 2 am burrito.. & when I say share, I mean we both got our own and sat next to each other as we shoved them into our faces... it was special!

Saturday involved a visit to my old sorority house and lots of squeezes from gorgeous KD sisters!

Bubba even got down on the formal room piano...
We met up with my brother at his house and walked to the stadium. Jack ate up every second he had with his Uncle Sean.
 We even attempted a family picture to commemorate the day - Reminding me that non-brushed hair/hangover face are not prime conditions for family pictures. 
 After the game Jack enjoyed a bottle and nap in a nest of blankets & pillows his Uncle Sean created on his bed. 
We visited with friends and my siblings. It was an awesome day!
A GIANT perk of being a recent grad is still knowing lots of people on campus! Because next week is finals I was able to locate a studious family friend who was willing to babysit Saturday night. 
My sister, John, a few friends, & I enjoyed an amazing sushi dinner followed by Catch Phrase at my brother's. 

Sunday was for laziness and hang overs. 
We procrastinated heading home and didn't end up back here until 10 pm. 

It's great to go back to MSU and "relive our glory days" yet still be able to share so much fun with Jack!
 ...Until next time East Lansing!



Michelle said...

Cute pictures!

Sami said...

What a fun weekend! I seriously miss my college town :( You have such a cute little family!

Laura Rafferty said...

I love unexpected weekends!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! It lookalike you all had a great weekend!

Jess said...

Um how cute is your sweet baby all bundled up in his hat and jackets?! Too cute! And great family picture too!

Anya said...

Bubba! Not only r u handsome, but you play the piano too!?