Our Trip to Washington DC!

We arrived to DC around 7:30pm Friday night. After a late dinner of Thai & a few too many SILLY Girl Margaritas (my mom and I's famed drink invention!) we all passed out. We woke up Saturday morning ready to head to Old Town Alexandria to see my sister's wedding dress (everyone but Justin that is...) that so conveniently came in just in time for our visit! 

Of course AuntE had a new outfit for Bubba, complete with the world's most adorable shoes!
 Bubba with is AuntE & Uncle Justin!

Sunday we took it easy. My mom wasn't feeling too hot so we had a leisurely morning playing with Bubba- then we left Grandma & Bubba to nap while the rest of us went for a late brunch!
 Bubba figured out how to pull himself up to standing on the entertainment center by using the couch cushion "barriers" as a ramp...
 Sharing a banana with Uncle J!
 AuntE makes the best jungle gym!
 Then we all got ready and headed to the zoo! It's free in DC and therefore, was ABSOLUTELY PACKED! It was also hotter than hot.. so we didn't last too long!
 Passed out with his new best friend, Woodley the elephant!
 View off of Erin & Justin's rooftop deck.
We enjoyed the gorgeous weather and a beer :)

On Monday Erin and Justin had to work, so Mom, Meg, Bubba, & I braved the 90 degree heat and visited some tourist attractions!
 The White House!
 Bubba chilled with his main man, Abe
 We then (very hungrily & hotly) wandered around Georgetown before calling it a day!

Other fun events not pictured:
-Burgers and Toasted Marshmallow shakes at Good Stuff Eatery (DELICIOUS)
-A stroll through Eastern Market
-Girls night Just Dance dance-off
-Mellow Mushroom pizza (YUM) and great visits with long-time family friends 
-Checking out hot Secret Service agents ;)
-Dinner at Tortilla Coast 

All in all it was a FANTASTIC trip filled with lots of wonderful memories. I am also so happy to have such a good traveler to call my son :) 


sophistifunk said...

looks like a fun filled busy weekend! :)

sophistifunk said...

looks like a fun filled busy weekend! :)

Danielle-Marie said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic trip! Starting to get pretty warm here too, so we're headed to the zoo next week before it's stifling out.

Sami said...

That Bubba is one stylish little baby! His outfits are so cute! Glad you had a good time with your family! I was just thinking and I can't believe I haven't been to DC since I was in 5th grade!

Anya said...

Hi, Kay! Thanks so much for the visit! :) I can tell you have no problem adjusting to the whole "mommy" thing because you have the perfect mani and pedi. I am now inspired. (PS. The neon orange is rockin!). Anyhoo...I'm so glad I found your blog. I am now following along and looking forward to more bits and pieces from your blog!

Clara said...

Great Pictures!! I love DC and I hear you those hot days ;)
And by the way kudos on the bog design!! I am quite impressed! I love it!
As soon as I get some free time on my hands that is want I want to be doing!
~Have a great Saturday!!!

Allie said...

I am LOVING all the pics!

The dancing pics would have been classic, haha cant believe you didnt snap some shots! lol

Cant wait to meet you and the adorable fam soon! Ahhhhh