"It's Ok" Thursday

Linking up with Neely & Amber again this Sunny-ish Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok...
...That I still don't have my DC post ready

...That I have the worst headache of my life

...That Jack and I stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY yesterday (he is on his third pair)

...That I saw a bright pink nail polish chip in Jack's poop this morning... ok maybe it's not ok, but I didn't even notice I was picking off my nail polish- I may need to abandon this trend and leave my nails naked... 

...That my stomach is full of anxiety butterflies and I don't know if it's because I have a ton to do around the house, I feel super unorganized in life, or that I'm having lots of "blog envy" lately (Which sucks and makes me feel stupid and silly and 16 years old)

...That I'm struggling to find my "positive place" today

...That Jack's "pajamas" this morning don't match

...That Jack is on the move like cray cray and just wants to be standing up/pulling himself up on things/putting everything he sees into his mouth
...That I am about SEVEN days behind in my April Photo A Day Challenge

...That I have no desire to shower/get dressed/grocery shop

...That I am having unexplained anxiety like WHOA today

Alright - stopping now. I need to just get up, shower, clean my house, get some fresh air and hopefully I will feel better, happier, and less "wound up". Anyone else having days like this lately? 

What's ok with you today?

p.s. have you checked out my new facebook page (shameless plug)? 

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Megan B.B. said...

Everyone get's blog envy. It just happens. I wrote a whole post about it two days ago. A {bloggy} friend of mine wrote a comment that even though I may be lusting after someone else's blog, SOMEONE is lusting after mine. So remember that. :)
The fact that you've been "live" for as long as you have been, and you have that many followers is seriously impressive. :)