We're Lazy & We Like It!

This weekend was RELAXING. I don't think we have had a weekend where we stayed in & did nothing (and LIKED it!) in a REALLY long time. We needed it. And even better - my sister came! The only thing we like more than a weekend full of nothing is when we have company come and share it with us! Bubba was also happy to have a slumber party with his Auntie Meg. He stopped fussing and smiled all weekend long. 

The only time we left the house was to go to Home Depot. I really hate the hardware store but John had cooked up a project for our basement/storage room that involved cinderblocks. I also thought we might be able to find a reasonably priced rug that we both liked for our living room (no luck)

"Mommy, this place is boring & it smells funny"
Who knew there were so many different kinds of cinderblocks
I'm jealous that Jack had this option

But after this... we hunkered in (except for John leaving to watch the basketball game with friends). We ate Mexican food and watched Twilight, we wore our sweatpants for 2 days straight! We also took 800 bajillion cute pictures of Jack.

When he wasn't smiling he was "fake fussing" or trying to eat everything he could get his hands on.  

I MEANT to go to try out our new church yesterday. It's literally NEXT DOOR to our condo so my not going was a total lazy move which I kind of regret today. BUT we slept in, played with Bubba, watched movies, made cookies... it was the BEST kind of Sunday - and there's always next week right?

Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies
Instead of swirling the Nutella in I just mixed it in the dough with my mixer & I didn't chill the dough. They were DELICIOUS
This morning I was greeted with a HAPPY baby, which makes the amount of stuff I need to get done seem less daunting!

The house is TRASHED. I need to pay some bills. I need to do some laundry. BEST OF ALL: I am driving to East Lansing to have lunch with my Mom, who is FINALLY home from vacation! Jack and I are so excited to see her we can hardly stand it! I also need to finish John's Valentine's Day gift and grocery shop for our big dinner tomorrow :) I better get going! Happy Monday!

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