A Sunday Date, A Sick Day, & A Terrifying Discovery

Yesterday John & I had the opportunity to go on a date - the BEST kind of date. Our family friends have season tickets for MSU Basketball and had 2 extra tickets for the game yesterday afternoon. They offered them to us which was sort of AMAZING. To top it all off the game was against our biggest rivals and the seats were fantastic. It felt so good to be back in East Lansing. We parked kind of far away (where it was free) and walked, enjoying the wonderful weather. I miss campus. It still feels like home. 

There is honestly nothing better than a Spartan basketball game at the Breslin Center. You could literally feel the arena buzzing with energy and excitement. I love that my husband and I both graduated from this amazing school. I'm glad we both have so much pride for our alma mater and both enjoy routing for our FAVORITE team. I cannot wait for Jack to grow up loving them too. John and I had permanent smiles plastered to our faces the whole afternoon. We were really able to enjoy it, knowing Jack was in good hands at my sister's (thanks Meg!). Did I mention that we won? It was just the cherry on top :)

Even Bubba got decked out in green!
Hanging with his Uncle Seany
Having so much fun! 

I'm not really a huge NFL fan (or any pro sports for that matter.. except the NHL - Go Wings!) So watching the Superbowl wasn't a huge priority. But my sister had some of our oldest friends over so we made delicious treats (no pictures.. we ate them too fast.. oof) and ate, and watched the very disappointing commercials.. I ended up leaving before the game even ended so I could be home to watch The Voice with my hubby. We LOVE The Voice :)

Today I woke up feeling TERRIBLE. So did Jack, after his morning bottle we snuggled in bed until 9:30. I guess John felt awful too because he showed up at home during his lunch break and decided to take the afternoon off. So we are a miserable family of three, in our sweats, missing out on probably the last gorgeous 45 degree day for a while :( 

Jack has been super fussy today. Like, extra EXTRA fussy. I don't feel good, John doesn't feel good.. this is a terrible combo. We just keep trying to rock him and make him comfortable. When John let him chew on one of his fingers, he noticed 4 little bumps (two on top, and two on bottom) protruding from Bubba's gums. Here. We. Go. I have heard so many horror stories about teething I am terrified. But we are going to stay calm, as on schedule as possible, and hopefully we will transition through this phase smoothly. 

Sometimes I feel so helpless when it comes to being Jack's mom. When I don't know what he needs or wants I get so frustrated and flustered. Thank God John was here today. With my mom on vacation I can't call her with my "Is this normal?" and "What does it mean if...??" questions, which inevitably turn into reassuring "you can do this" pep talks. I need those, a lot. We were finally able to get Jack to calm down and just snuggle. Once he calmed down he played and then munched on a teether toy that we put in the freezer for a couple hours. Hopefully we will all wake up feeling better tomorrow! 

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