Friday Randoms

I have been craving sushi like CAH-RAZY, but the new "frugal" K & J cannot go out for a big DELICIOUS sushi dinner. It makes me sad... luckily there's a really great little Japanese market near our old apartment. John stopped there on his way home from work and picked us up a delicious feast (For 1/2 the cost).

Bubba is still being uncharacteristically fussy. Sometimes the only way to keep him calm is to sit him in front of the full length mirror at the bottom of our staircase and make silly faces.

Today after we were 30 minutes late for library time, we went to the craft store to pick up things for John's valentine's day gift. I am making him a fairy tale book of "our story". It's pretty hilarious because our story is, umm, untraditional. I am a creative person and love the idea of crafting in theory... but when it comes down to it, I do not have the patience. The book will be cute, but nothing Martha Stewart would touch with a ten foot pole. 

Also, because we were running late, I didn't have time to load Bubba's stroller into the car. Therefore, I had to strap my 20+ pound baby onto my chest with the baby bjorn. This has resulted in a back strain of monstrous proportions. 

Also, remember that acne I mentioned? I woke up with MORE this morning.. I was blessed throughout my teen years and all of college to barely ever get zits, and when I did, it was ONE. Now I have little groupings all over my chin :( WHAT IS THIS?! I will now be on the search for a face wash that will make this GO AWAY!

This weekend we are laying low. My sister is coming to hang out with us tomorrow afternoon so it will be nice to have some company while John goes and watches the MSU basketball with some friends. We will most likely rent the latest Twilight movie and drink a bottle of wine, and honestly- that sounds PERFECT. 

Happy Friday :) 

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