A Sunday Project

Saturday was a WASTE of a day. Jack is CLEARLY not feeling like himself and I was just being a plain ol' bum. It didn't feel good. It felt like a waste. I guess a whole week of productivity at my parents was enough to jolt me out of this "funk" I've been living in (at least we can hope). Since I've been home I have been feeling anxious and antsy and I realize it's because NOTHING in this condo is organized (or at the moment- clean) and I really want to start getting down to the details of decorating.

So I have been a Pinterest-ing fool. Husband and I have been talking about the projects we want to do, what takes priority, what we can afford, etc. It still wasn't enough to put me at ease - I had to WRITE OUT A PLAN. Yup, sounds like O.C.D. Kayla is on her way back.. and I am EXCITED!

Today we woke up at 7am (WOOF) but that put us right on track to be ready in time for 9:30am mass! Yup, we made it! And I am SO happy that we did. I loved the new church, loved the priest, and LOVED the homily! It was all about taking a few minutes each day to reflect, to read scripture, and to work on your relationship with Christ. He talked about taking DEEP BREATHS. He stressed the importance of not trying to figure out God, to just leave the BIG PICTURE alone and enjoy the ride. God is too big for us to figure out, it is OVERWHELMING. Basically just "let go and let God". It was calming and perfect for the crazy anxious feeling I've been having since Saturday morning. I need to stop getting overwhelmed by all the stuff I WANT and NEED to get done, and just, START. 

We also drove out to my in-law's house for lunch and a walk in the woods. It was really nice out today so it was great to get to enjoy some of the sunshine. I know Bubba loved it. We also went to Home Depot and bought brackets and shelves!! FINALLY getting to a project we have been meaning to do since we moved in!!!! 

So we decided that instead of trying to find pre-made shelves that fit our space, that we would do it ourselves. ::CORRECTION:: JOHN would do it himself. I just watched and held the (VERY cranky) baby. 

Remember this space??

Well, I previously mentioned that we wanted to put shelves in that empty space on the wall to display all of our bar wear! 

So we went to Home Depot and bought:


We had to cut about an inch off of these to fit our space, but they did it no problem right in the store & for FREE.. score!

Then, with minimal swearing, a little bit of sweating, and INCREDIBLE handy man abilities, John constructed three BEAUTIFUL shelves, and arranged all of our bar wear on them magnificently :)

I LOVE them!!

For now- I am dreading waking up Da Bubba for his final bottle (He is SOOO miserable!), John & I are watching the Oscar's (Check out this fabulous blog for predictions, live updates, and analysis), and I am staring at my PIT HOLE of a condo that will be getting picked up, organized, & DEEP cleaned tomorrow... My skin is crawling sitting in this mess right now!!

YUP! I think the ::old:: me might be back - in a new and IMPROVED way of course :)

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