Girl's Night Out & Home Sweet Home!

Last night (my last night at home) my mom invited me to go with her to see Mary Poppins the musical at the Devos theater. Ever since I was a little girl my parents have gotten season tickets to the travelling broadway shows that come through Grand Rapids. They have a group of friends that all go together and it's a fun night out for them. Every once and a while the men will deem a show "too girly" and if you are lucky enough to be around you get invited to go in Dad's place. I haven't been to a show in a really long time so I was definitely excited. We went downtown early for some appetizers/drinks with my aunt and cousin (also going to the show) at Six One Six - a newer resaurant that I had never been to. It was really nice, they had sushi and martinis... with Da Bubba home with his Papa I was taking full advantage!  

The show was great, and mostly just made me want to run right out and rent the movie! All the old classic songs came flooding back, but it was LONG. Almost 3 hours long and I was ready to PASS OUT. Of course my aunt HAD to suggest dessert afterwards and how could I turn that down? We walked across the street to The Chop House, where I feasted on the most delicious flourless chocolate cake.  

Crawling into bed at midnight didn't really make me feel too pleased with the middle of the night wake up I received (for the second night in a row!). Da Bubba has been waking up at ODD hours of the night SCREAMING crying. The only explanation is that he is REALLY working on a tooth. I am so surprised that he hasn't gotten one yet.. it feels like this process is taking forever. I just wish he was comfortable.. I invested in some baby Orajel that seems to help  - it's still a pretty helpless feeling!

The PLAN for today was to wake up super early and hitch a ride home with my dad (who has business on our side of the state) - but I woke up to a complete blizzard! I was really worried I was going to have to stay another night, and honestly, 5 nights away from my husband was MORE than enough. Luckily the roads cleared, and because it was too late to be conducting any sort of business my, mom came along. We snatched up my sister Megan on the way and all went out to eat for Fish and Chips!

Jack was SO happy to see his daddy and so was I! He showed John his new trick of sitting up and we all enjoyed his smiley face at the restaurant.

Already wearing his daddy out with all of his squirming!
6 months old & too cool for his mama's kisses
This little stinker is all "ewwww Mom!"
Needless to say it is SO good to be home! Can't wait to snuggle into bed with my handsome hubby and (hopefully) sleep in (if Da Bubba allows). We have NOTHING on our plates this weekend but relaxing! 
Happy Friday :)

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