Family Visits, the DREADED Dentist, & Paczki Cravings

Last night my aunt came over to love on Mr. Jack. He REFUSES to take an afternoon nap, so every day around 6pm he gets SO sleepy. At that point I just TRY to keep him awake until 8 (bedtime), but normally I fail and end up waking him up at 10 or 11 for one last bottle. Last night he lasted until 7:30, we gave him a bottle, and then decided to experiment with just putting him down for the night and NOT waking him up. I was so sure I was going to be up at the CRACK OF DAWN but Da Bubba slept until 8:10 am!! My big boy, 6 months old, sleeping more than 12 hours a night - this is a HAPPY Mama!

Today I went to the dentist for the first time in almost a year. I have never had a cavity, or any sort of tooth "issue", but nonetheless it is my LEAST favorite kind of appointment to go to. I would rather go see any (and I mean ANY) doctor other than the dentist. I hate the noise the scrapy thing makes on your teeth, how sore your gums get, the nasty warm water they squirt in your mouth - UGH! Since I was pregnant with Da Bubba my gums have been really inflamed and bleed like CAH-RAZY. This hasn't stopped so todays visit was EXTRA brutal. I usually make sure to go every 6 months just because the process is so much worse the longer you wait, but life def got away from me this go-around. It won't be happening again!

When I got home my mom had to leave us to do a little work today. She left me with the task of thinking up things we can do to celebrate this last day of "freedom". I can't believe it's already FAT TUESDAY!! I have been trying to think of something to give up for lent and I keep on coming back to EXCUSES. This will be really tough. It will force me to reflect A LOT and pray A LOT. But I think both of those things will be very good for me!

For now I'm craving a paczki, taking LOTS of pictures of Bubba (He's sitting up all by himself.. kinda) and enjoying this gloomy, sleepy day! We miss Daddy A LOT.. probably going to hit him up for some "facetime" tonight :)

Yucky flash Mom!!

Fall and go BOOM!

Giving some lovin to Miss Riley

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