Cleaning House & Six Month Stats

Da Bubba tried to wake this Mama up at 6 AM - UH UH. Seriously, husband wasn't even out of bed to get ready for work yet. I sleepily warmed up a bottle and scooped up my lunkin, laid him down next to me in bed and fed him like the good ol' days when I was still breastfeeding.. aka half asleep. It did the trick and we snoozed side by side until 8 :)

Remember yesterday when I talked a big game about not being able to stand the state of my home?? Well I was too overwhelmed by the enormity of the mess (while proofreading I noticied this GIANT excuse.. I just didn't get to all of the cleaning today, plain and simple) so I just sort of chipped away at it little by little all day. It wasn't exactly the O.C.D. "GET THIS DONE NOW!" mentality that I used to have, but I think that I need to adjust to wanting order in my home while still accounting for the fact that I do, indeed, have a baby. A really cute one at that! He is SO good at sitting up now. He is also a DROOL MONSTER. He wants all of his toys, every blanky, and even the toy basket, in his mouth - at the same time.
Yes, I know that was an EXCESSIVE amount of pictures, but seriously how do you edit any of those out?! I already cut the album size down by half before choosing these ones to upload. Notice anything else? We FINALLY got a rug. I just picked it out, without consulting John. I knew once I made a decision and just got it in the room that he would love it, and I was right :)

Bubba had his 6 month well check up today! I still haven't taken his 6 month pictures.. no excuses.. but it needs to get done (TOMORROW).

The Stats:
28'' long (90th percentile)
21 lbs 5.3 oz (95th percentile)
Yes, he is a tank. Every nurse and receptionist did a double take when looking at his chart, "He's only six months?? He's huge!" John just smiles (while thinking to himself, "Daddy's little football star"). 

He also had to get THREE shots. The torture. I seriously fight back the tears EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's the worst. But he still gave out smiles to everyone he saw when we were leaving, so I guess he isn't too traumatized. We found out he is going to have to have surgery within the next few months which sucks, but we knew it was a possibility. We meet with his urologist this weekend so hopefully we will nail down a date - can't wait to start anticipating that horror (ugh).

I'll end this post with a pic my father-in-law took yesterday while we were out on our walk. No, my husband does not go out in public in this outfit, he just put on the giant rubber boots for the walk (he came in his dress shoes). It would be lovely to get a family picture where we all look good, Jack is looking at the camera, and hair isn't in my face - but this works for now :) 


Danielle-Marie said...

Ohmigosh THREE shots? That is so torturous...I can barely stand two...haha, I swear it hurts us more than it hurts them.

My son was big for his age too. Your little man is ADORABLE.

Mrs. Mama said...

he is absolutely precious!!!

great job on the blog girl. the little info looks great! now that you know how to do it, youll always want to be changing it like i was :)

Kay said...

Thanks Becky! and yes.. I have already changed it twice.. no one ever told me how ::addicting:: the whole blog thing would be :)