A Case of the "Post Shot" Crankies & Kitchen Love

Okay, so I know that they warn you that after your baby gets shots they could be cranky for the next 24 hours. My usually sweet and happy baby boy has been turned into a screaming, crying, slobbering mess :( He won't let me hold him or snuggle him, he doesn't want to jump, and he doesn't want to play. When I try to comfort him he wants to move, when I try to put him down he still isn't happy. He still looks so cute when he's mad. I couldn't help but snap just a few pictures (NO, I wasn't neglecting him, I was sitting right by him rubbing his back and hair, giving him kisses, reading him stories, singing him songs.. anything and everything right??) 
perhaps could he be calming down?!
mmm no such luck.
My poor bubba :(

Unfortunately, this whole fussy business has kind of put a damper on my day of productivity. I did manage to clean my floors (sweep, vacuum, & mop) and scrub up the kitchen. Have I mentioned how much I am loving my kitchen lately? Sure it has it's flaws - it's not my ::dream:: kitchen by ANY means. But i have found ways to make it work for me :) It's all about the little personal touches. Even though it's not March yet, I couldn't resist getting out just a few St. Patrick's Day decorations - I am a purebred Irish girl after all!

My fun ::DECORATIVE:: dish towels (John will most likely try to use these, sigh..)

I love displaying anything and everything on our fridge. I think it distracts from the outdated white, no? So anything from Christmas cards to save the dates, sweet notes from my husband, or weekly/daily "to-do's"! 

I found a really great FREE printable for daily cleaning tasks. I slipped it into a clear sheet saver and use dry erase marker to mark off/write in daily chores. I also put stickies on my fridge reminding me of tasks that need to get done at some point during the week. 

ALSO: We are starting baby signs with Mr. Jack! I was a research assistant in a child development lab in college that extensively studied the many benefits of baby signs in language development.
So even though it will be a while before Jack starts doing these signs too, I put up a little chart of simple signs for John and I to start doing with him :) I am SO excited, and cannot wait for him to start signing back!

And I am still IN LOVE with the shelves John put in. I am basically just in love with this whole side of the kitchen! Wedding gifts are just pretty much the best thing ever..
After a short nap and a bottle this little one's mood greatly improved. He really enjoyed flipping through the new J.C. Penny catalog (there was actually some cute stuff.. I was surprised!) I'm hoping he goes down no problem tonight and wakes up back to his old self! 
Tomorrow I REALLY want to get to a special craft I have cooked up for this month (nothing fancy.. baby steps people!) And hopefully ((maybe??)) I will be motivated to get some laundry done.. it's really starting to pile up down there.. I also desperately need to go the grocery store (womp womp), our fridge is a barren wasteland right now. Ugh, looks like I will be a busy mama - for now I am going to enjoy the fact that Bubba is sleeping and bask in the peace & quiet until my hubby arrives home!

P.S. Notice my {BEAUTIFUL} new bio section to the right?? With clean & simple social networking tabs?? Well I have been figuring out all of my own blog design (God bless google) ... but when it came to figuring out how to make that little section happen.. I was STUMPED. Thankfully, Becky from Mrs. to Mama (a DIY Blog design goddess) relieved my html headache and helped a fellow mama blogger out. I think it looks great (I am already on my third version) and I really LOVE the "rush" of successfully conquering another self-design, html related task! 

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Erin said...

Jack is so fabulous. A little man after my own heart.