Saturday According to Da Bubba

Today Mama & Daddy BOTH woke up early with me instead of fighting over who got to sleep in. It's a Saturday so that means Daddy doesn't have to leave for work. We walked downtown to go out for breakfast.. we got there so early (8:20 am) that the restaurant Mama wanted to try wasn't even open yet! So we got to show Daddy the ducks and walk past all of the little shops on Main St. 

When we finally went inside there was a choo choo train that went around the whole restaurant and I couldn't take my eyes off of it! 

I took a snooze on the way home. 

Then we went to our old apartment so Mama and Daddy could finish cleaning up.. I rolled around and around

It was fun!

Then I took a LOOOOOONG nap so Mama could get chores done around the house..

NOT! I only slept for 5 minutes. 

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