Craft Cray

It has been a busy day over here!

We enjoyed our morning, with lots of playing and fun - Jack is feeling so much better! We have a full length mirror at the bottom of our stairs (random I know) that Bubba LOVES to sit in front of (apparently he finds himself as cute as I do).
Bubba got a bath - my little froggy prince LOVES splashing his feet down so hard that the water goes EVERYWHERE .. we also tried out the whole sitting up thing in the tub, he loved it! He's such a grown up, sigh. 

A blog I just started following, iHeart Organizing, did a post today about some drawers that a reader DIY'ed - I fell in love and decided I needed to do them RIGHT AWAY. So out the door we went (completely forgetting about that other craft I already bought all of the materials for..)

Well while I was at JoAnn's I started second guessing the drawers.. I don't think that they are right for my space. But almost everything was between 30-50% off in the store so I got COMPLETELY A.D.D. and starting going craft CRAY. I ended up getting several materials for a couple of other projects I have found on Pinterest. First on the agenda? This pretty DIY wreath:

What You Need:
-Wreath Hanger
-Whatever fake flowers you want and as many as you want covering the wreath
-Wooden numbers
-Acrylic Paint
-Hot Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
Total Cost:

Step 1: 
I painted my wooden numbers white with a sponge brush. I didn't really like the numbers I ended up buying- I really wanted the small, skinnier ones like in the Pinterest picture, but these were the only ones they had (and I went to TWO stores). 
Step 2:
I stuck the stem of the fake flowers through the wreath until they were all placed where and how I wanted them.
Step 3:
I used wire to hold all of the stems in place, then cut the stems. 
Step 4:
Once the numbers were dry I used a hot glue gun to glue the numbers in place. 
All in all I think the end product turned out great! I am really happy and think that it makes our front door look so welcoming and homey :) I am proud that I created this all on my own.. even though it probably would have been cheaper to buy a pre-made wreath and glue the numbers on it. I also sort of felt like, "Who do I think I am??" ... I am not a crafter... yet I really want to get better at this stuff because I think it will be so helpful when my child(ren) is (are) older. This was a perfect "practice" craft because it was easy, simple, and only took me about an hour start to finish :) 

After perusing through TWO craft stores, we still needed to go grocery shopping... Jack was such a trooper the whole time. I don't think I can express in words how happy I am that he is sitting up and I can put him in the cart.. the limited visibility that putting the infant carseat in the cart causes honestly deterred me from leaving the house to run errands. I also get to use a baby shower gift that I think is absolutely genius, my shopping cart cover. It's easy to put on, easy to throw in the washing machine, cushions the shopping cart so Jack is comfortable, and even has attached toys for him to play with! He was a happy camper the whole trip - I am so lucky! 

I have been in the best mood all day. This week is really feeling like a turning point for me. I have more energy and more drive to get up and do something with my day. I can tell the difference in John's attitude when he comes home to a clean house - that is motivating all on its own! Tomorrow I am hoping to get done my St. Patrick's Day craft. I am also due to update you all on "What Jack's Eating" now that he is no longer in the 4-6 month category and moving right into the 6-9 month category (Wahh he needs to stop growing!!) and also an outline of his daily schedule (now that he is successfully on one!). 

Tonight I am looking forward to Modern Family and a long, restful sleep!
Happy Hump Day :) 

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