However Many Hours Later..

A couple naps, a few diaper changes, an episode involving puke (resulting in nakedness), and 2 feedings later..
My ears are bleeding.

But it's okay, because who can resist a cute, slobbery, snotty, naked baby?

Also: Remember when I talked a big game about getting in shape with my girl Tracy

Wellllllll between moving and visitors I took a bit of break.. more like, I started feeling like I wasn't going to die during the workouts, then I stopped making it a priority, and now I am back at square one and really need to work this into my daily routine! 

So I unpacked these.

Reweighed & remeasured (2 pound thinner than the last time I started a month ago!). Put Bubba down for a nap.. and I'm ready to go! Wish me luck, this time it's for real (I promise John!)

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tikvah73 said...

I feel your pain! It is so hard to stick to an exercise routine. I stopped by from Mom Bloggers Club to check out your blog. Your little one is so cute!

Amy B