Thank Goodness, It's Friday!

Bubba and I didn't get to go to the library for story time today because his annoying friends "cough" and "runny nose" have decided to overstay their welcome. I was sad because I look forward to the socialization with other moms, but the only thing worse than a sick baby is 4 or 5 sick babies..

So we played at home. Bubba LOVES his highchair - have I mentioned this? I swear we had highchair time all day today. He's also developing this little attitude. It's sort of sweet, sort of terrifying. He does this fake whiny cry when he wants food. He talks and talks and talks. I love his sweet little voice. While he plays he will whisper to himself and then out of nowhere squeal with delight. It is so much fun to see his motor skills improve right before my eyes. He's so close to being able to hold his own bottle. I think it will be bittersweet once he figures it out - but he craves the independence. He is so determined and strong-willed (I wonder where he gets that from.. his Mama and Daddy don't have those personality traits at all! ::insert sarcasm::) He's growing so fast I feel torn between excitement for all the fun things to come and sad that he isn't so teeny tiny and dependent anymore. 

It's weird, or maybe it's not weird, but I miss breast feeding A LOT. I thought that would go away by now.. it's been 2 months.. but my hatred for washing/making bottles and the loss of that bodily connection makes the transition hard, even now. I regret not researching more. Not taking the necessary steps to "keep the flow". There's always next time right? 

While the first week at the new place has flown by for me - it was a long one for my hubs. He added 20 minutes onto his commute and was SUPER busy at work every day (YAY! This is good news because a busy employee = a necessary employee.. job security in MI - not so great). Needless to say he's a tired guy who is great enough to come home and help with Jack, dinner, whatever. So I decided to show a little hubby appreciation and make one of his favorite treats..
cream cheese filled snickerdoodles
I found this recipe here. It's wonderful! Tonight I added mini chocolate chips because a) I had 1/4 bag of them in the cupboard and b) who doesn't like a little chocolate?

Happy Weekend :) 

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Megan B.B. said...

I love your blog, and your little guy is adorable! Its so great, because I grew up in Port Huron, so when I read your blog I get a bit "home sick." :)
My 3 month old loves her Sophie too- however, she really just tries to nurse her nose. Hahaha.
Hope you're awesome! New follower.
-Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com