The Best Valentine's Day EVER

This is going to be a long post - but after having the BEST Valentine's Day ever, it's worthy of sharing all the details! Yesterday I tried to get the house spotless, grocery shop, and have everything perfect for when the hubs arrived home. ESPN was on the TV, I was baking a pie... I'd say that is a housewife success :)

What the table looked like when John got home

I also finished John's gift! I really got my cheese on. That is something that's not easy for me.. John loves it, and I am BAD at it. But he deserves it, and although it's not craft perfection, it's something that we will have forever!

Once upon a time...
 In a faraway land called East Lansing (Home of MSU)
There was a lonely Princess (I was Sleeping Beauty Halloween 2010)
 She had many friends...
 And attended MANY "Balls" (more like bars)
 But she never found what her heart desired MOST. Her one TRUE love.
 Little did she know... there was a handsome prince searching for the same thing (in ALL the WRONG places).... (John was a "king" Halloween 2007)
 One ::magical:: night there was a party in the Princess' castle. She wandered into the dungeon and there he was!!! They danced & laughed. The Princess put on the Prince's hat, it had magical powers that made the 2 inseparable! (You can't see these pictures very well.. but it's us on the night we met, me dancing in his hat & the two of us in the background of someone else's picture looking like we are in love)
 They fell in love INSTANTLY!
 Then... A MIRACLE happened!!
 Many obstacles were thrown in their way...
 But the Prince & Princess were brave
 FINALLY they were rewarded for ALL of their struggles
 Their marriage was celebrated
 Throughout the land. They were KING & QUEEN of their castle
 The King, The Queen, and their little Prince...
Lived happily ever after!

I wrote John a note on the last page. He seemed to really love it so it was worth all of the hard work! Lucky for us Jack decided to go down for a nap around 6.. I usually don't like to let him nap so late but it was a special occasion so I didn't argue with it! John decided to give me the rest of his surprise. This requires a little bit of a background story: 

Bubba puked on my computer about 2 months ago so I have had to use John's (Which is on it's LAST LEG) I accidentally came across a powerpoint his high school girlfriend's little sister had made about the couple. I fake got all huffy with John about why WE didn't have a powerpoint documenting our love story.

So when John finally got me to walk away from the kitchen and sit down on the couch he had his computer open to a powerpoint he had made about us. It was funny and cute and made me smile from ear to ear. He ended the powerpoint by singing me a song with the guitar (MY FAVORITE!). He has such a beautiful voice but will hardly ever play for me. He changed around the words to the song The Show by Lenka to be about us and it was funny and sweet. I wanted to make him play it over and over! 

Once presents were done it was time to get started on dinner. Our original menu was Cedar Plank Salmon, Creamy Orzo with Asparagus, a side salad, & Upside Down Apple Pie for dessert. Well - the grocery store didn't have cedar planks. This is usually the ONLY way I like salmon so I was a little dissapointed- BUT, we were able to make our own recipe and it turned out delicious!

Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon
Salmon Filet
Pearl Onions
Lemon Garlic Seasoning
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2. On a piece of tinfoil put a tablespoon of olive oil & 3/4 c. chopped pearl onions
3. place salmon filet on top of the onions & brush with olive oil
4. Brush Salmon with 1/2T of lemon juice
5. Rub 1T of lemon garlic rub onto salmon
6. Top salmon filet with 1/4 cup chopped garlic
7. Bake for 40 min or until the fish flakes off easily with a fork

Creamy Orzo with Asparagus & Parmesan
I found this recipe on pinterest. You can find it here!

 It was SO yummy - will definitely make it again! 

We also made a side salad with pearl onion, tomatoes, shitake mushroom, crumbled feta, and a blue cheese vinaigrette.

Our table ended up looking so beautiful! I put on a dress and heals, John threw on a tie and sport coat, and our kitchen was transformed into a fancy restaurant. We enjoyed our food, drank some wine, & it was romantic and fun and PERFECT. 
It was fun to use our wedding presents - beautiful candle holders and serving platters. ALL the wonderful kitchen appliances that made cooking this dinner a breeze. Getting married is the best for SO many reasons:) 

After dinner was done, we woke up Da Bubba, cleaned up the kitchen, and fed him a dinner of bananas and rice cereal. We changed into sweats and ate pie on the couch. Jack was HYPER. We didn't get to go to sleep until later than normal because Bubba was jumping around in his saucer and yelling out just to hear his own voice. When he finally went down, we snuggled into bed (I just washed the sheets - is there anything better than going to sleep in fresh sheets?!). We both agreed it was the best Valentine's Day ever. I am more in love with John this year than I was a year ago. A song on the guitar was more precious to me than a diamond (I know, I know - crazy right?). Making dinner was more romantic than an elaborate (and expensive) gourmet meal. And snuggling with Bubba on the couch as a family was more fun than a wild night out. Oh how things have changed! 

I know I left out one very IMPORTANT recipe - and that is the Upside Down Apple Pie. This is a SPECIAL pie that deserves it's own post.. so stay tuned :) I hope everyone had wonderful Valentine's Days. It's always nice to make the people we love every day feel EXTRA loved one special day a year! 

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Talk about bringing a tear to my eye. So sweet. Love you guys.