Home Sweet Grand Rapids

What a wonderful weekend! I haven't been back "home" since the holidays, so it was a much needed return to Grand Rapids. I love it here.. John and I's goal is to move our way back here eventually.. I cannot wait until that day arrives! We had so much fun visiting with my parents, watching Jack love on his grandparents, and even had quite a bit of "Mama & Daddy" time. Friday night we went out to eat at the clubhouse of the golf course my parents live on. We had such a large group that we ended up in a private room. Da Bubba fell asleep on a pile of coats in the corner (questionable parenting) and was such a good sport! On Saturday my parents shooed John & I out of the house. We went out to lunch and then to the movies. We saw 'This Means War'. Our favorite couple (that so INCONVENIENTLY live far far away) have a wonderful movie review blog called Two Tickets For... They gave us the thumbs up to see this movie, and we were so glad they did! It was a great date movie, we were both laughing and enjoying ourselves the whole time!

Saturday night we got... a babysitter! Like not my parents or my sister.. a real babysitter! She's a family friend that I trust no questions asked, but it was still a little strange.. Writing out Bubba's schedule, giving her the whole dealio, feeling really odd about being the mom instead of the babysitter (wasn't I JUST on the other end of this?). We went out to dinner with my Aunt & Uncle and my parents at this little restaurant that had wonderful beers on tap and creole food (How fitting for Mardi Gras!) It was wonderful atmosphere and really reminded me of how much I LOVE Grand Rapids - I love there there are so many little places to discover and explore! After we ate they cleared off our table for a dance floor and we were informed by our waiter that the local Roller Derby team comes there after games? matches? what do you call them?? to "celebrate". It was definitely a spectacle! 

Yesterday my sister Megan came home for the day too and we enjoyed delicious french toast and carmelized bananas made by my oh so handsome hubby, relaxation, MSU basketball, a walk on the golf course, and a big family Sunday dinner! John suggested I stay in Grand Rapids for a few more days because, well, why not? I was sad to see him leave but happy for a few extra days with my mom! My dad also decided to let me borrow his fancy camera and I have been snapping nonstop pictures since! The following are from Saturday night before we left for dinner and Sunday.. 


While I'm home I'll be shopping for some new glasses, looking at living room rugs & other home decor, getting my teeth cleaned, and hopefully visiting with more family and friends! Hope everyone's weekends were as great as ours!

Happy Monday :)

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