Let's Talk Pediatricians.

With my recent visit to the pediatrician, I got to thinking about how lucky I am to have found the office that I did. 

Unlike most first time parents, I kind of let the whole pediatrician thing fall to the bottom of my to-do list and before I knew it my water broke, Jack was here, and we were pediatrician-less. Whoops.

Lucky for me, I had been given a few recommendations in passing, and when asked at the hospital where I was going to be taking my brand new baby, I spit out the one that first came to mind. 

I lucked out. Big time. 
I love the office, I love the doctor, I love it all!

I started to think about why. If I had to go back and tell irresponsible me what to be looking for, what would I say is most important?!

For me?

Separate sick and well waiting rooms are a must. 
I really would prefer for my healthy child to NOT be sitting by the overly friendly toddler with chicken pox. And vice versa, I don't want my snot nosed bundle of love infecting the brand-spanking-new 8 lb babies! There are many ways to make mom friends, THAT is not one of them.

A nurse-line to call with any and all of my questions.
Sometimes there are things I do not know. And when my mom doesn't know either, well, I'm stuck. But wait! Our pediatrician has a nurse line to call with these exact questions. I don't want to pack up the baby and head to the office if it's something stupid, I want to talk to a professional who can either tell me to chill or head on in. For example, two weeks ago I called and described Jack's runny nose and cough. The nurse said to put vick's vapor rub on his feet, use saline drops in his nose, keep a humidifier going at night, and to watch out for fevers. If it got worse, call back in a week. Thanks nurse! I felt less helpless, like I had a plan and course of action, and a fall back if things didn't get better. Oh nurse line, I love you. 

A pediatrician that I feel comfortable talking to. 
Sometimes doctors are intimidating. Sometimes, they don't know how to talk like a normal, regular-smart human being. This is not what I want when trying to get real in terms of talking about the health of my child. My pediatrician remembers me. She remembers Jack. She asks about my husband when he isn't able to make an appointment. I feel comfortable asking her about everything Jack related that I can think of and remember to ask. She's amazing. We moved 25 minutes away and I didn't switch offices because I love our pediatrician so much! 

The three things above are the most important factors for me. It's kind of a scary thing to be faced with choosing a care provider for your child. I seriously lucked out and am so thankful! When my baby is sick I have people to turn to that I trust... that is peace of mind I could not survive as a mama without!


Shelley said...

I hate having to wait in the room with all the sickies!!

Shannon said...

I waited until after my son was born to find a pediatrician as well because my OBGYN said the hospital pediatrician would check him out after he was born. We ended up using the same doctor that my sister-in-law takes our nieces and nephew too. I love our doctor.

Ashley said...

My peds office doesn't have a sick/healthy room but they do schedule appointments so that you aren't there with healthy kids if you are sick or sick kids if you are healthy. It's nice.

I like two docs in our office, which is great to know the different ones if it's a big practice.

I'm glad you found a great doctor my best friend's doctor is awful to them but she can't switch because of insurance :(

Southern Wifey said...

i love our pediatrician too! my sis takes me nephew and niece to the same doc so he knows all of us. And its great since my sis watches my son, the dr knows both of us if anything requires her to take him instead of me.

great list for those still in search of a good doc

the sweet life of a southern wife