All Smiles!

I'm happy to report that this handsome guy is back to 100%. 
He was returned to me yesterday afternoon with a giant grin on his face. 
He has been chatting my ear off and singing wonderful songs of nonsense. 
It is the most beautiful music to my ears! 

I had a terrible morning yesterday. 
My windshield wiper on the driver side up and BROKE/flew away during my commute. 
I was on the highway and it was POURING rain. 
Most terrifying drive of my life. 

Then I got to work and realized I had FORGOTTEN my computer. 
I had a huge assessment due by the end of the day. 
It was a nightmare. 

But it all worked out and became obsolete when my Bubba Loo was delivered to me, 
happy and healthy!
Can we discuss how old Jack is looking?! I have a 14 month old, NOT a five year old. 

Can't wait to play with my little man ALL DAY! 

Happy Weekend friends!
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Recently Roached said...

Oh man, windsheild wiper problems are the WORST. You don't always need them, but when you do... you do! :)

So glad the little man is back! He is seriously precious.

Amanda said...

So scary!! I've never heard of that happening!! Wow

And Jack looks SO much better! So much. He also looks like a different kid than when I started following, wow they grow. Scares me thinking about how fast and how much Pierce will change!

Ashley said...

How glad he's feeling better!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Bless your heart. I am glad that you survived the commute :) & I am glad that Jack is feeling better, I always hate when our little ones are sick :(

James Gibson said...

Wow 14 months old. We have the same thing with our boys Charlie's is three in January and has always looked an good year and a half older than he should and Harry is exactly the same just a year behind. We find that people talk to him like he is 4 or 5, then seem offended that he just blanks them. I feel I have to explain to everyone he is only 2 !!!! Its very frustrating. We also find that he try's to play with much older kids this is alright to a point, but Charlie rarely understands the game being played. He ends up copying what the others are doing which stalls their game then he ends up being pushed or shouted at which as a parent to see upsets me hugely.

Emi said...

glad your little one is feeling better! your blog is so darling and we are your newest followers! come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com Xo