Friday's Letters

Dear Pediatrician, Thanks for the thoroughness but your crowded waiting room was the last place I wanted to be this morning. Bubba is back to good, and all he got from that follow up appointment is a belly full of cheddar bunnies and a flu shot. 
Dear Nap time, although you have decided to come around once, instead of twice, a day- I love how long you are! 3 hours to myself is pretty spectacular!

Dear Bubba, I love that you are starting to talk a little bit more. Your constant "Uh-Oh!"s this morning were cracking me up!

Dear Weekend, I love you. 

Dear Readers, I love all of you and want to be sure you don't miss out on the BIG giveaway happening in your honor! 

Dear John, I missed you every day this week! Cannot wait to watch 192823740812 episodes of Revenge this weekend :) 

Dear Self, You need to get on the workout train. It's time. No. More. Excuses.
P.S. Today is the last day to take advantage of 50% off blog design packages! My schedule is filling up so be sure to jump on this deal while you can :) 


meandmr.com said...

I love your Friday letters--cute picture!

Mis En Place said...

Girl, I'm with you on the work out train. It's getting serious!

caglechick87 said...

I understand about the two naps turning into one long nap. My daughter is doing that too.

I am also with you on the working out thing it is harder to keep doing it when the weather gets cooler and you have no time because of the toddler.