Our Weekend of Snuggles & Heartbreak.

We took it easy. 
My family of three, just a big tangle of legs on the couch. 
It was a big game. 
Michigan State vs. the University of Michigan.
Spartans vs. Wolverines.
A rivalry that runs deep.
A rivalry we have dominated for the last 4 years..
but I was nervous about this year.

Some of our lake family are BIG UofM fans, so we headed to Ann Arbor to tailgate with them.
I got tipsy off of pumpkin beer and enjoyed the company. 
It was a perfectly crisp fall day, 
where the clouds broke just before game time,
and the sun made a welcome appearance. 
We had incredible seats. 
9 rows up from the Michigan State bench.
It was a great game.
With a heartbreaking ending. 
I am glad it wasn't an embarrassing loss, 
but with an offense that leaves me shaking my head in shame-
it's hard not to be disappointed.

 I still ended the day with a smile on my face. 
I had so much fun with my parents and my husband! 
We picked up Bubba from the babysitter's house and he was the happiest little boy.
He missed his friends this week :) 

Sunday was spent on campus studying.
It's midterms this week... UGH! 
I like to try and study at home, but this is what happens when I do:
Oh Bubba, I love you little boy. 
But you make it hard for your mama to get ANYTHING done. 

Happy Monday folks! 

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anna lizbeth said...

love the first picture. truly does look perfect!

Erin said...

My football team broke my heart over the weekend too. Not a total embarrassment, but hurts nonetheless!!

K said...

My team won this weekend, but the game was still an embarassment. We didn't deserve to win! A losing team always starts my week off crappy! Hope yours is better!

Allie said...

I want a blog make over!!! Email me details!!! I'd love to send you a pic for my header!!!

Ashlea with an a said...

Love your blog! Found you through the link up! What a great weekend, Ive been wanting to try some pumpkin beer which just disgusts the husband. hahah

Amy Powell said...

that is a big game! looks like a great time!

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Kimberlee said...

Aw sorry to hear about your loss... football can be so heartbreaking! At least the family was together and you had great seats :)

Ashley said...

I watched that game too. I have no allegiance to either but my brothers girlfriend and her father were in town and one went to Michigan State and the other Michigan so it was fun to watch with them. :) Plus, I just love football, anyways.

Ashley said...

looks like an amazing evening in the first picture!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kay! I found you at the GFC Blog Hop ^^ I liked your blog a lot so I'm now following : )
Hope you get a chance to visit mine too and take a look xx

Love the pics, you seem to have a lovely family ♥
n o i r e d a m e