Acca-What?! & A Couple of Announcements!

Part of our new schedule is that Jack is staying at my parents house (2 hours away)
two days a week, overnight on Wednesdays. 

I work halfway between our house and theirs so it is a pretty good system-
My mom picks up Jack at my office in the morning on Wednesdays, 
and brings him back to me at the end of my work day on Thursdays.

It's great. 

Until I get pictures like this:
And news that my poor Bubba has a fever!

And because I can't snuggle him or smooch those rosy red cheeks. John took me to see a movie. 

This movie was perfect. Funny, light-hearted, quirky, maybe a tad bit nerdy?, and the real kick- musical numbers! 
Some may call it a renter, but this is John and I's perfect movie. He will deny it up and down, but we both left smiling. 

Round off the evening with Modern Family and a little NyQuil and we call that a recipe to cheer up a mama that is missing her baby.

9 more hours until this week is over. Can I get an Amen?! (I will assume crickets since most people work on Friday's). 

***If you follow me on Twitter you have seen this 23409123412 time since the weekend, but my AMAZING, fabulous, and absolutely hilarious older sister has started a blog. It's laugh-out-loud funny and helps me get my Megan fix now that she is 10 really stupid hours away from me! Please check it out, show her some love, I promise you will not be disappointed! 

***After doing my sister's blog design, and helping out a few friends with their blog designs, I realize how much I miss it! While I love my design by Melissa, I seriously miss messing around with the look of my blog! It's a really fun creative outlet for me! I decided to open myself up for business! I know how EXPENSIVE it is to get a professional design, and I also know how big of a headache HTML can be. I am offering really simple and elegant designs at a really REALLY low price! (less than $50 people!!) Check out my new blog design page and email me with any questions :) 


K said...

Awww poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better! And I am totally DYING to see that movie!

Ashley said...

hope little guy feels better!! It's got to be hard to be away from him while he's feeling bad but soon he will get your snuggles!!

Kate said...

Just saw Melissa post about your design. I love it! :) New follower! Hope your little man is doing better!