Friday's Letters

Dear Bubba, 
You've been a hot mess of sickness the last few weeks.
Let's survive this weekend without anymore drama, please!
I hate seeing you not feel good, it's very heartbreaking. 
Like- the worst ever. 
I am snuggling and loving on you until you feel better! 
And even though you are a sight for sore eyes, 
I am so happy to have you home with me. 

Dear Blog,
I've been mucking you up with Instagram picture filled posts lately. 
I hate that. 
I really need to find the time to take out the big camera.

Dear Meg,
You are a blogging superstar. 
I have loved every second of your hilarity this week.
Thanks for giving into my peer pressure :) 

Dear Readers,
You are all amazing.
Thank you for being so supportive. 
This blog has really become one of my favorite things, 
and it wouldn't be the same if John was the only one reading it :) 

Dear Lips,
I realize you didn't appreciate my exposing you to penicillin.
I wish you could be more understanding of my need to pretend take Jack's medicine,
clearly it is the only way to coax him into taking it. 
Your choice to BLOW UP this week was far from okay. 
Get it together. 
Dear Bloggers,
If you want a design facelift on the cheap,
check out my new blog design page :) 
Are you sick of my shameless plugs yet?....


SimplyHeather said...

Hi from Friday Letters,

I'm so glad Bubba is feeling better. I hope he stays doing well. My lips looked exactly like that a few weeks ago, for no apparent reason. They hurt so bad too. Hey but at least we got that sexy full lip look haha ;)

Happy Friday!

xo, Heather


Liz said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better. I had no idea you did blog design. Checking it out!!

Rhiannon said...

I hope your baby feels better soon!

K said...

Oh no! Hope you guys feel better soon!

katie michelle said...

Awww your little boy is so cute!! I hope he feels better, too! He looks so sad :( I'm allergic to penicillin, too, so I imagine that's what my lips would look like! You're such a good mama :)

Happy Friday!


Mallorie Owens said...

Sorry your little one hasn't been feeling well! Hope he gets better soon!

Kasey Lynne said...

It's the saddest thing when little kids are sick...it truly breaks my heart! Hopefully your little man feels better.

And what the heck happened to your lips??? That's awful!

Visiting from Friday's Letters!


Southern Wifey said...

aww sorry about your lil one not feeling well, mine isnt either. Hope they both get better.

And thats so weird, my husband is allergic to pennicilin too, but luckily Ive never seen him have a reaction.

the sweet life of a southern wife

Mariel Collins said...

Sorry your little boy is sick! Praying he gets better soon!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I am sorry your little one is sick. I hope he feels better soon! & I also hope he feels better so you no longer have to have your lips blown up bc of you being allergic :( bless your heart! your a good mamma!

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