This weekend has left me feeling relaxed.
I'm actually quite upset that it's Monday.
It feels downright rude. 

I spent the majority of my free time on Friday and Saturday doing blog designs.
I got overly ambitious and installed THREE! 
It's so fun! 

If your interested in a blog makeover contact me!

On Saturday night we drove out to John's parents house for his dad's 60th birthday party.
His parents are both biology professors.
They hang out with all professors.
Lets just say it was exactly what you picture in your mind right now.

It was nice to celebrate with his family and drink some free wine :) 
AND I actually did my hair & makeup.. Jack looked pretty cute too!
On Sunday we were pretty lazy.
John and I are currently obsessed with Season One of Revenge
and we watched quite a few episodes on Netflix in bed during nap time.
John even made fancy snacks of apples, bri, and french bread... YUM!
When Jack woke up we loaded into the car and drove out to the cider mill.
We went around the same time last year... oh how things have changed since then!
(Apologies on the crappy pictures of pictures... I cannot find my camera USB...)
The days felt just long enough
and I couldn't have asked for better time spent with my two favorite boys!
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SMD said...

Totally obsessed with Revenge. I didn't think they could top season one, but season two is amazing so far!

Awesome blog designs. Good work!

Ashley said...

Revenge is such a great show I love it so much!

Great pictures amazing how fast they grow!

Shannon and Josh said...

Love the new design. Thank you

Allie said...

Fun!!! You looked beautiful for the party. As always I'm sure!!