The Six Month Skinny

We had a bum day.. as you can see from pictures - Jack stayed in his jammies all day (and he wasn't the only one.. they were technically yoga pants if that makes it any better??) We got a surprise visit from my brother. He hadn't seen Jack since the superbowl and wanted to come say hi before he left for spring break. I was happy to see him and get to hang out for a few hours - I love having him only 40 min away.. he was far far away playing hockey for 2 years! Jack really loves his Uncle Sean.. they are pretty much best buds. 

I also got some INCREDIBLE news!
I got an e-mail that there was a new message on one of grad school applications. So I logged in to check my status...

Yup! I'm going to grad school next year!!! I still have to hear back from one other school before I officially decide where I am going... but whether that other school is a yes or a no, I will be going back to school in the fall to get my MASTERS in Social Work. I couldn't be happier. It is a huge weight off of my shoulders and I cannot believe I'm actually going to be one step closer to my professional goal! 

So it's SAHM for 6 more months, then this Mama is going to be a Student again. I know that it will be hard and there will be lots of challenges and bumps in the road, but I can handle it. If the past year has taught me anything, it's that I am stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes!

As promised yesterday, I am going to write out a sample schedule for the day to day with my Mr. Jack. This is a loose schedule, I do not follow it to a "T" every day. I still believe there should be room for Jack to decide how he feels and what he wants, but I also don't think I should be letting him "run the show" so to speak. Habits we form now will follow us into the future! I know that there are lots of different parenting styles running along a spectrum, and I really feel like I fall in the middle on most things. It's what works for us, what John and I are comfortable with, and makes everyone feel happy, safe, and secure! That is the most important thing.

A "Normal" Day:
Anywhere between 7:00 & 7:30am Jack wakes up in splendid mood and laughs and coos in his crib until Mama can muster the strength to get out of bed. We sing our morning song (an original, improv creation by yours truly.. sometimes in an opera voice). Jack smiles and plays peek-a-boo with his beloved blanky while we change his diaper and then head downstairs. I heat up a bottle and we watch the Today show while he sucks it down like it's his first meal in days (or 12 hours)
7:30-9am We play with toys on the floor, roll around, try to crawl, bounce in our bouncer and eventually Jack starts fussing and it's time for a nap. I put him down with his paci, blanky, sleep sheep set to the sounds of the ocean, and the mobile cranked all the way (high maintenance over here) He will normally sleep anywhere from an hour to (when I'm lucky) three hours.. Usually about two hours though.. so lets go with that..
11:00am Wake up, have morning cereal, about a half cup (sometimes mixed with half a banana or a tbs of applesauce). Play some more, have a bath (every other day), get ready for the day (both Mama and Jack), 12:00 bottle. After this second bottle we will usually try and get out to do our errands, take a walk, or in cases like today just hang out around the house and play.
 2:00pm Lunch time! He eats about 3-4 tbs of whatever I have made at the time. More playing, more laughing, lots of pictures, LOTS of smiles!
4:00pm Jack has a bottle, and then gets cranky. He wants to sleep but won't let himself. I usually try to put him down but end up going up and down the stairs 50 times (hello cardio) putting his paci back in and trying to sooth him as he screams with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head (aka assume sleep position).. sigh.. this part of the day SUCKS
5:00pm John is home from work. There is so much happiness. Jack LOVES to play with his daddy. They roll around and play until dinner
7:00pm Dinner time! I either give Jack a fruit or a veggie, depending on what he had for lunch I will do the opposite. I always keep bananas in the house and try to have applesauce made and ready to go in the fridge. He starts getting really tired after this time so we get to snuggle and love on him in the very short period of time that he doesn't have to be a squirmy wiggle worm.
8:00pm One last bottle and then he's off to bed. He's so happy to be put in his crib at this time that he doesn't even need his special sleepy time noises. He snuggles with his blanky and falls right to sleep for the whole night!

Today was a great day for obvious reason! I'm happy to snuggle up with my husband on the couch and watch some American Idol :) 

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Sarah Keck said...

So excited for your Grad School news! How exciting! And you'll get a SPRING BREAK again! So jealous! I know the other school will want you too!