Sunday Social

Sunday Social
Doing a rare Sunday post in order to link up with Neely & Ashley! 
I love this idea and think it's a great way to get to know new blogs :)
If you are visiting from the link up, welcome!
How did you come up with your blog name?
My husband actually came up with it! I wanted a title to reflect our stage of life and what I was writing about. Life after... college, wedding, & a baby! Shortened down to just "Life After..." I really felt like it was a title that would grow with us as a family!
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I am awful at scrapbooking... as in, I do not have the attention span to sit down and actually do it. Blogging is a great way to document life right now! I love that I can make this space into a book each year for our family to enjoy forever :) I wrote a whole post about this here.
What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without?
BLOGS! I read blog daily now. I cannot believe this wasn't a part of my life before.
Facebook or Twitter? and why?
Twitter. I am honestly thinking about deleting my Facebook... just don't see the point to it when I have a blog! 
If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be?
Either Beyonce, just because I love her something fierce. Or Bethenny, because like every other woman in American, I think we would be best friends. 
What is something you want people to know about your blog?
While I post A LOT of pictures of my little man, it really is so much more than just a "mommy blog". I am in a place where I fit into a lot of different categories right now now - "post grad", "newlywed", "Stay-at-home-mom", "soon to be grad student" - I live my life by the "fake it till you make it" motto and so far so good! 

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Nichole said...

Oh ha, Bethenny would have been a great one for me to list on my post. I LOVE her! Stopping by from the link up! Can't wait to read more :)

The Moseleys said...

I found you from the Sunday Social. I didn't even think about BLOGS, that is totally something I have gotten into since blogging! Great ideas!

Meghan said...

Ha! I said Bethenny, too! I adore her!

Neely said...

Its amazing how much reading blogs becomes a part of your day

Melissa88Senick said...

Bethenny is a good one too. I love her!!


Joey said...

I adore the title of your blog! And I'm the same way about scrap booking, etc. Blogging is a great way to keep track of things :-D

bailey j said...

I never read many blogs before I started mine. Now I regularly read at least 20 and am always finding new blogs I love! It's introduced me to so many awesome bloggers!

Julie Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing---totally know what you mean about scrapbooking. I haven't even finished my 3 year old's first year scrapbook, maybe when I'm old and grey!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I totally agree I'm a much more bigger fan of twitter! Stopping over from the linkup!

Ashley said...

Cute blog! Thank so much for linking up with us!

I don't know what I did before I started reading blogs. So much of my free time is spent reading about my fab friends!

Hope you'll link up with us again!

Chelsea said...

Hey Kayla! I found your blog from living in yellow before realizing that you did the Sunday Social. I did, too! Newest follower right here :) I can't wait to follow along!