Da Bubba's Photo Shoot Preview

This weekend was fantastic. Simple, nothing special or crazy, but wonderful none the less! Perhaps because the sun was shining, perhaps because we spent time with family but didn't have to leave the house, or maybe because Bubba's photo shoot was absolutely PERFECTION. We had so much fun at Amy Kimball Photography. Jack was perfectly himself- smiling, drooling, and squealing with delight. We even got a sneak peak of the end product last night! Here are a few of my favorites from what she posted..

You can see the entire preview here. Amy's work is simply amazing.  

And while the weekend had it's fair share of cute and happy moments...

Sunday was by far my favorite day. We spent the first part of the day as a family of three in bed. Playing with Bubba and enjoying his sweet smiles and coos. We then did a major "team marriage"  smackdown on the condo and got this place looking oh-so-squeaky clean. My father-in-law came by and took John to lunch. It was a GORGEOUS 60 some odd degrees and sunny here. My sister came over and after John's dad took off we set up our "bags" boards, set up Jack on the grass with a blanket and toys and just SOAKED up the sunshine. 

Touching grass for the first time

of course he had to try some...

Jack was all tuckered out from his adventures outside. He snuggled with daddy while we watched MSU win the Big Ten Tournament!

Needless to say we ended our weekend on a fabulous high note. We are a happy sparty family looking forward to many more weekends of nice weather and smiles in the future! 

I found a new mom's group on meetup.com that I am going to try out tomorrow.. hopefully I will have more luck than I have had in past endeavors - this mama needs some friends! 

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Megan B.B. said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the outfits!
Yay for meetup.com! Hopefully you find an awesome group. :)